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Oklahoma State Avoids the NCAA's APR Penalty

The Cowboys discovered a player from the 1990's recently graduated, saving Oklahoma State from penalty from the NCAA.

Rodney Dangerfield | Back To School (1986)

It was announced back in May that the Oklahoma State football team would be penalized 2 practice hours each week for failing to meet Academic Progress Rate, or APR, set forth by the NCAA.  With an average score of 929.41 over the last four years, the Cowboys fell just short of the minimum score of 930 to avoid penalty.

It was announced on Tuesday that Oklahoma State would no longer face penalties after it had been discovered that a football player from the 1990's had recently graduated.

The graduating player lifted the Pokes score just enough to escape the wrath of the NCAA.

"Throughout this process the NCAA has been committed to having complete and accurate data," said OSU's Senior Associate Athletic Director For Compliance, Kevin Fite, in a statement from OSU. "We were provided a great deal of assistance in ensuring the information we were evaluated on accurately reflected our football team's academic performance, based on APR standards. When the additional point was discovered earlier this summer, the NCAA staff promptly re-evaluated our situation and added the point, which took us out of the penalty range."

The graduating player was not named, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out who it was. Just look for the student submitting projects via a floppy disk or covering his books with old grocery paper sacks.

Suffice it to say, the ridiculousness of the situation was not lost on the internet either.