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Thanks to our contributors and some friends of the blog, we put together a pretty exhaustive survey detailing the outlook for 2014.

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Without delay, let's get to the results.

There are 40 total questions, and we had 25 total responses to the survey.

#1....OSU's overall regular season record?

8-4 was the winner with over 50% of the respondents settling here.
7-5 edged out 9-3 for second place.
One depressed soul chose 6-6, while two extremely optimistic (or really high) fans chose 10-2.

Overall I think this is a pretty positive result given that OSU is likely to start 0-1.

#2...OSU's Big 12 record?

6-3 is the majority's choice, again garnering over 50%.
5-4 had a slim edge over 7-2, with the depressed soul signing up for a losing conference record and the "tokers" hoping for 8-1.

#3...How many opponents will OSU hold under 30 points?

I was frankly shocked at these results, given the defensive outlook going into the season.

Results were evenly split between 5, 4, and 3. I will acknowledge being the outlier here, as I wasn't willing to bet on anyone except Missouri State and Kansas.

#4...How many games will OSU be held under 30 points?

Almost 70% said either 3 or 4 games, with 4 being the first choice. I could definitely see that happening.

#5...Which will be greater...J.W. Walsh rushing TD's or interceptions?

Interceptions win, but barely, 56%-44%. Walsh doesn't throw lots in interceptions, even when he's not playing well, so this could easily go the other way. I was a little surprised with this one.

#6...Will Tyreek Hill have more rushing attempts or receptions?

Since jet sweeps count as a pass, it's not surprising that respondents chose receptions over rushing attempts by a slim margin (56%-44%).

#7...Baring injury, will Walsh be the starting QB for the entire season?

Yes 52%...No 48%
Not a surprising result give the short leash Gundy had last season, but he will be hard pressed to insert either of the backups. I think if Walsh protects the ball he's the man for 2014.

#8...If Walsh is replaced, who will it be?

Daxx Garman 48%...Mason Rudolph 52%
I totally disagree with this. Garman will be the replacement, as I'm betting my money that Gundy will do almost anything to protect a redshirt for Rudolph. Missouri State and UTSA might be the testing ground for that.

#9...OSU will lose 2 games before Oct 1.

Almost 1/4 of respondents said YES, which means either UTSA or Tech. More on this later.

#10...What will be the worst loss of the season?

This was a poorly worded question, as I was looking for the suckiest loss, not necessarily the biggest point spread. Predictably, Florida State came in first, followed by Baylor, then OU. UTSA, Tech, and WV each got a vote.

#11...What will be the best win of the season?

For some reason the respondents got my earlier vibe with this question. Texas and Kansas State took 56% of the vote, with the Longhorns leading the way.

#12...Who will be the best RB in 2014?

Desmond Roland ran away with this at 60%. Childs and Hill split the rest.

#13...Who will be the best WR in 2014?

Seales and Ateman got 76% of the vote, with Jhajuan leading the way at 48%.

#14...Daxx Garman will make his first appearance against __________?

Missouri State obviously takes the top spot here with 56%, but 2nd place may surprise you.

28% said he won't see any game time because he doesn't really exist.

#15...Mason Rudolph will make his first appearance against ___________?

40% said he won't because he'll redshirt. 36% said it would be either Missouri State or UTSA.

#16...What incoming freshman will have the greatest impact (includes early enrollees)?

Answer Options Response Percent Response Count
Gyasi Akem, LB 28.0% 7
Mason Rudolph, QB 24.0% 6
Dylan Harding, S 20.0% 5
Josh Mabin, LB 12.0% 3
Chris Hardeman, CB 12.0% 3
Other (please specify) 4.0% 1
"I wish we knew."

#17...Will offensive performance earn OC Mike Yurcich a raise in 2015?

Yes 40%...No 60%

Folks aren't buying stock in Yurcich, and I think that's a mistake.

#18...After the defensive performance in 2014, DC Glenn Spencer will be _________________?

...looking forward to a lot of returning players and another strong recruiting class...72%
...a really hot commodity for head coaching vacancies...28%

So, in other words, there's only so much he can do with what he has, and that won't be enough to put him on the front burner for any significant HC openings.

#19...Gundy's black "Phantom Pete" hoodie will make it's first appearance against ___________?

Ok, for the three fools that picked Florida State...REALLY? Dallas in late August. I don't care if it's night time.

The wise choice (44%) was either West Virginia or Kansas State. 72% at least chose a game after Oct 1, which restored my faith in the fact that most people actually pay attention to the weather.

#20...Gundy's visor will make it's first appearance against ______________?

The visor comes out during the day, one would think, but this is Gundy. He doesn't care, so I'm not surprised that an evening game in a covered stadium against Florida State ran a close second to a 2:30 CT game at BPS against Missouri State.

#21...OSU will have _________ All Big 12 first team offensive players?

A bit surprised here that 60% of the respondents said 1. I could easily see at least 2, maybe 3.

#22...OSU will have _________ All Big 12 first team defensive players?

No surprise here that 64% said either 0 or 1, with 56% going with the latter. Two wouldn't be a stretch.

#23...OSU will be below .500 at some point after Oct 1.

A resounding answer here, with 84% responding NO.

#24...Which game do you most want to see OSU win this season?

Florida State...20%

#25...If OSU loses to Florida State, there next loss will be?

at TCU 24.0%
at Kansas State 24.0%
Texas Tech 16.0%
Texas 12.0%
at Baylor 12.0%
UTSA 4.0%
West Virginia 4.0%
at OU 4.0%

#26...If OSU beats Florida State, there first loss will be?

at Kansas State 24.0%
at Baylor 24.0%
Texas Tech 20.0%
at TCU 20.0%
Iowa State 4.0%
West Virginia 4.0%
Texas 4.0%

We are definitely afraid of Old Man Snyder.

#27...OSU's longest losing streak this season will be?

83% said 2 or 3 games, with almost 60% going with 2.

#28...OSU's longest winning streak this season will be?

Uh, wow...84% said 4 or more. I really hope that happens toward the END of the season...

#29...Bob Connelly will return as the offensive line coach in 2015.

Near unanimous YES, with only 1 respondent saying NO.

#30...OSU will have a player lead the Big 12 in some offensive category.

YES, 52%-48%

#31...Predict the score of the Florida State game.

56 28 FSU
38 21 FSU
42 24 FSU
55 17 FSU
42 24 FSU
37 24 FSU
41 24 FSU
45 31 FSU
31 24 OSU
45 6 FSU
56 21 FSU
45 41 OSU
36 35 OSU
42 14 FSU
42 24 FSU
38 24 FSU
45 21 FSU
52 17 FSU
31 21 FSU
47 31 FSU
38 24 FSU
31 24 FSU
38 20 FSU
41 30 FSU
48 17 FSU
42 23 AVG

Predictable response here, although three hopeful respondents call for an OSU win. That would be ok.

#32...Who will be OSU's offensive MVP in 2014?

Player Votes
Tyreek Hill 8.5
JW Walsh 8.5
Des Roland 3
Jhajuan Seales 2
Marcell Ateman 1
Rennie Childs 1

I'd say that OSU will need it to be either Hill or Walsh. The half vote was someone who couldn't make up their mind between Walsh and Hill. One person didn't vote.

#33...Who will be OSU's defensive MVP in 2014?

Player Votes
Kevin Peterson 6
James Castleman 6
Ryan Simmons 2
Ashton Lampkin 2
Jeremy Seaton 1
Glenn Spencer 1
Sam Wren 1
The Turf 1
Tre Flowers 1
Dylan Harding 1

"Me for picking us to go 10-2" also got 1 vote. BTW...I like that someone thinks Jeremy Seaton will be a defensive MVP...because he plays offense....

Two respondents didn't vote. I think Ryan Simmons needs to be the man here.

#34...What are the chances that OSU will fail to reach 6 wins, breaking the streak of consecutive winning seasons and bowl appearances?

80% fell at 30% or less, with 20% being the favorite choice. I agree, not very likely.

#35...Ben Grogan will not miss a PAT this season.

68%-32% say he will miss at least one. He only missed one last season.

#36...How many game winning FG attempts will Ben Grogan convert this season?

84% said 0 or 1, with almost half going with the latter.

#37...Ben Grogan will not miss a FG attempt inside 35 yards this season.

84% say he will miss, which makes the next question interesting...

#38...Ben Grogan will convert at least 5 consecutive FG attempts this season.

88% say yes, he will. I hope this doesn't mean OSU is stalling out a lot inside the opponent's 10 yd line.

#39...Which will be greater?

Walsh passing TD's....32%
Total rushing TD's...68%

#40...If you had media access, what would you ask Coach Gundy?

Did you get all the inside trim carpentry done?

Can Chelf talk to the DOK whiners now?

Have YOU ever noticed that Blogger Kid in Dallas?

Serious one: Why has Devon Thomas been kept on the roster so long?

How long does it take you to fix your hair on game day?

Why has no official word come out about Devon Thomas' status with the team?

Do you have a tirade planned for when you turn 50?

How did you manage to keep Justin Blackmon eligible?

Will you be at OkState for 10 more years?

Why is protecting the QBs so important to you?

Did you consider naming any of your children after a different swamp creature, or was Gator Gundy the only option?

What is the code for the gate at your house, I wanna drink some damn beer with ya!

What will your ideal non-conference schedule be?

How close was he to firing Yurcich last season and or who called the damn plays last season?

Wtf? Why don't you wear the visor during the game anymore? No, seriously, why do you screw around with the QB stuff so much?

Would you ever consider creating an offensive play that includes two QB's, one that is a passer and the other a runner?

In light of Devon Thomas being a mafia king pin, will you reevaluate your recruiting process and what role character plays in that?

When's gonna be my time to not watch you choke on your own ass and beat OU when you are damn well supposed to?

What was the team atmosphere in the locker room before the Iowa State game in 2011?

Why do you hide Daxx's beautiful deep balls from us?

Why so serious?! (In Heath Ledger's "Joker" voice)

What would you say are the biggest differences between the offense of 2014 and the offense of 2010?

What are your likes and dislikes about the new offense compared to the Air Raid of years past?

Who is the best defensive player on the team?

Why are you afraid of playing power 5 conference teams during the regular season?

Why is Devon Thomas still on the roster?

Why don't you allow more media access?

How often should we expect to see the Pistol formation this season?

Why do you tuck everything in?

Well that's it for "survey says!"

We will have some positive, negative, and surprise predictions from our staff coming up for the weekend, so stay tuned.