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Next Stop For Dez Bryant, The NBA?

If the whole NFL thing doesn't work out, Dez Bryant might have a future with the NBA.

"Nothing but net, baby!"

You know you would react the exact same way. Even if no one was watching.

It might not be on Dude Perfect level, but that's some decent range for a guy that spends most of his time on the other end of a throw.

Once SB Nation picked up on the vine, Dez took to Twitter to brag a little about the shot.

Anytime Dez tweets anything he's sure to get plenty of replies, but one in particular stood out...

Please tell me there is a tape of this somewhere.

We can thank Nolan for reminding us this wasn't the first time Dez has flirted with a career in basketball. In 2012 he entered a celebrity dunk contest where he attempted to dunk over a TMZ camera man. It didn't go nearly as well.