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The Quandary of the Diamond - 2014 Edition

In 2013, we caught a glimpse of how powerful the Diamond Formation could be, but will we see it more in the upcoming season?

Rewind to the 2013 Season Opener against Mississippi State in the Advocare Texas Kickoff.  At 1:41 left in the 1st quarter, J.W. Walsh rolls out to lead the offense. At this point Oklahoma State had amassed 6 rushing yards and the offense was sputtering.

Enter Diamond Formation.

First play is a 6 yard option left. Followed by a hurry up set for a 6 yard option right (brought back by a penalty). Exit Diamond for a 4 WR set and a RB screen right for 4 yards and then another option with Desmond Roland out of the same set for 16 yards. After that the drive would sputter, ending with a Kip Smith punt...

...until 3:49 left in the 2nd.  1st and 10 at the OKST 31.  At this point, the offense rolled out once more in a 4 WR set.  The drive went as follows:

  1. Roland to the right for 4 yards.
  2. Roland up the middle for 5 yards.
At 2:58 and 3rd and 1, the Diamond Formation rolled out again:
  1. Walsh option keeper left for 46 yards.
  2. Walsh option keeper left for 11 yards to the MSST 3
  3. Walsh roll-out left, incomplete pass.
  4. Walsh option keeper left for 3 yards and an Oklahoma State TOUCHDOWN.
After watching this drive, the cameraman fake-out became my favorite thing to watch and the Diamond Formation didn't show up much.  Despite this fact, the option run still did massive amounts of damage to the MSU defense. How much damage? A total of 286 rushing yards, of which JW Walsh contributed 125.

Fact: JW and Roland can run the option very well.
Another fact: The diamond set up the option for its biggest and best plays.

As Robert touted in his 2013 Quandary of the Diamond, "When OSU has gone to the formation 3 or more plays in a row, it has not been stopped and has resulted in 3 TD's."

We know the Diamond works and works well, and this year's team may have even better players running it. We here at CRFF came up with a theme for this edition of the Diamond:

Jeremy Clarkson - I believe in speed, power... (via Marcello Calefato)

Imagine the amount of athleticism with the following formation:

  • QB: J.W. Walsh
  • RBs: Desmond Roland behind Walsh, Rennie Childs to his left, and Tyreek Hill to the right
  • FB (to sub in for one of the above for a power formation): Jeremy Seaton or Derek Branson
  • WR's: Jhajuan Seales and Ra'Shaad Samples
Like Mr. Clarkson said, speed and power solve many things, and this formation could solve any sputtering offense. The only thing we can hope for now is that this formation rolls out early and often to leave defenses spinning on their heels before they even know what's happening.