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Too Tough Cowboy Trivia

Just how well do you know Oklahoma State University and Cowboy football? Be warned this quiz is tougher than Gundy's hair gel.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys Ride For Free has created it's very first fan quiz. To mark the occasion we decided to put everyone to the test right out of the gate. We came up with short. albeit tough test to find out just how much you know about Oklahoma State's history, and it's football team. This is expert level trivia. Can you pass it, are you a Cowboy genious?

Take the 14 question quiz and find out! What level fan you are is determined by how many questions you get right. Are you a Junior Poke, Tailgater, Paddle Person, or are you on Boone Pickens' level? The scale is below the quiz.


JUNIOR POKE: Answered 1 - 3 questions correctly
STUDENT: Answered 4 - 7 questions correctly
TAILGATER: Answered 8 - 10 questions correctly
PADDLE PERSON: Answered 11 - 13 questions correctly
BOONE PICKENS: Answered all 14 questions correctly

What level did you get? Let us know how well you did in the comments.