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Mike Gundy Dances Like No One is Watching

Head football coach Mike Gundy turned 47 years old yesterday and was greeted at practice by the OSU Drumline. What happened next is something that belongs on the TV Show "So You Think You Can Dance?"

Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of years ago after a big comeback win over Texas A&M, Oklahoma State head football coach, and my favorite person in Stillwater, Mike Gundy celebrated in the locker room by getting low with it.

The best part is how low Gundy actually gets. He gets so wild that his knees almost give out and he just about loses his balance, but he recovered and makes a strong save.

Then again, after another big win and his team huddled around him, Gundy drops it to the floor.


Gundy's go to move is to drop it as low as he can and move his arms like they're waves in an ocean, but yesterday he broke out something special.

Here's the video shot by a really cool camera that appears to be on the chest of a member of the OSU Drumline. Enjoy.


When I first watched the video I didn't even see Gundy dance because the original video is about three minutes long and Gundy just stands there in an awkward silence for about two and half minutes of the video. But as every viral sensation knows; you only need thirty seconds to do something really cool and let's face it: Mike Gundy is a viral sensation. Look how he flings his arms around with such grace and joy, this is a man who is happy to be 47 years old.

But here at CRFF we couldn't decide which dancing Gundy clip is the best and we need your help to decide. So we are going to let the readers decide which Gundy is the best Gundy; then we will hope and pray that he dances after every Oklahoma State win for the rest of eternity.