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Mason Rudolph Wants to Start as a Freshman

How good does a recruit need to be to start immediately?

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Mason Rudolph's high school coach had a chat with NewsOK's Kyle Fredrickson (whom has been killing it with interviews lately!)

"He wants to be the starter right now," Richardson said in a phone interview Thursday. "He doesn’t want to redshirt."

This is a polarizing viewpoint for many Cowboy fans.  Many believe Mason would be setting himself up for failure by playing at the collegiate level too fast. They don't want to see Wes Lunt 2.0. Coach Richardson agrees.

Other's believe you play to win and win now. In business, playing it safe is risky, and that philosophy can transfer to the playing field. We've all seen 'safe' 4th quarter drives result in fumbles or stall out dooming the team in the end.  Does that philosophy transfer to freshman QBs?

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