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Brandon Weeden Talks About Life In Stillwater, Cleveland & Now Dallas

Brandon Weeden went on The Hardline radio show to talk a little about his road to the Cowboys, and what he's expecting this year in Dallas.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Weeden spoke with Mike Rhyner and Corby Davidson on The Hardline, a sports talk radio show on KTCK - 1310 The Ticket. Weeden gave insight about college life, his time in Cleveland, and more. If you have ten minutes to spare you should definitely listen to the whole interview. It's fantastic.

Here are some of the highlights. Brandon is pretty candid with his answers, and it's hilarious.

Mike and Corby asked Weeden about coming back to Oklahoma State after his baseball career was over, and turning his attention to football.

"I always wanted to play in the Big 12. I pursued Oklahoma, and I pursued Oklahoma State. Oklahoma had like six quarterbacks on the roster, and I think Oklahoma State had like 3, so I knew that was going to be my best fit."

Bob, OSU can't thank you enough. Turning down Brandon was the best thing you ever did.

Weeden goes on to speak about starting college a little late in life, and you realize there were some definite awkward moments.

"What was weird was, is going to Freshman Orientation with 18-year-olds when you're 23, 24 years old. That's a little weird," Weeden explained. "By the time I got out of there you have 17-year-old freshman coming in, and you know, you're a eleven years older than some of those guys.  So that was a little different."

"Going to class was, you know... attention span goes. You're so used to being on the field all the time, and you go have to sit in class and write papers. When you take five years off that's tough."

After talking about life in Stillwater, the hosts start asking about his time in Cleveland, and why it didn't work out. Ultimately, Weeden puts the blame on himself, but it sure sounds like he takes a couple of shots at the Browns. Hard to tell though, it's subtle.

"I was there for 2 1/2 years. I had three head coaches, three GM's, two owners, three offensives coordinators, you know, I don't really know how you're expected to function. We were a young football team. We didn't really have that culture of winning. There were so many things that went into it. I needed to play better. I'm not going to put in on anybody else. I needed to play better at times."

Weeden  wasn't afraid to take a stab at more than just the front office either.

"The quarterback catches a lot of the grief up there. I mean, they've had twenty-one quarterbacks in fifteen years, but it's still all the quarterback."

You have to love Weeden. Let's face it, the hate was strong from the burnt orange and brown.

I also get the feeling he won't be vacationing in Ohio anytime soon.

"[The weather] sucked. You never saw the sun. It was gloomy. It rained a lot. It was cold. Obviously cold in the winter. Once September came, I mean it was, the sun was never out, and it was windy. Our stadium was right on the lake, so the wind just howled off the lake. We had some pretty cold games."

I think it's safe to say, Weeden is enjoying his stay in Dallas a little more, and good for him. Hopefully Justin Gilbert's time in Cleveland goes a bit better than Brandon's.

Weeden also spoke about being the backup, and if Tony Romo recovering from injury puts a little more pressure on him to be ready should the time arise when the Cowboys would need to rely on him.

"You have to prepare like you're going to play each week, because  If you don't, when it's time to get out there, and there's flying bullets, you're going to be behind the 8-ball."

I'm not saying I want Romo to get injured, but there would be something special about a Weeden to Bryant TD pass.

One of the funniest moments came when the host asked about Weeden being a leader on the team.

The Host, "So I know you haven't been in the league that long, but for some of the younger quarterbacks, age wise and experience wise, do you think that the anus is on you to help them out?"

Weeden, "Wait, the anus? ..You mean onus?"

Oh my.

I admit, I didn't know it's a thing the show does to guests. They slipped the word in on purpose, but according to them Weeden is the only one to ever catch it, or at least comment on it.

Brandon went on to answer the question anyway.

"This is my third year in the league. I've got a long ways to go as a player. I need to keep growing off what I've learned and the adversity I've faced over the last couple of years."

It was an excellent interview, and you really should listen to the whole thing.

Weeden seems to be comfortable in Dallas, and he's drawing praise from all around, a stark contrast to his time with the Browns.

Blogging The Boys, the Dallas Cowboys SB Nation blog, recently listed Weeden as one of their training camp surprises.

"I had Weeden penciled in as the new backup for Tony Romo from the moment the Cowboys signed him and expected him to be serviceable, but it looks like his arm is better than anticipated."