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ESPN's Jake Trotter joins Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein from Solid Verbal for a rundown on the Big 12, and J.W. Walsh is on Trotter's radar.

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After some miscellaneous chatter, including a few comments on Notre Dame academic fraud issues, Dan get's it going at the 7:45 mark.

Some interesting comments:

Dan Rubenstein, on whether or not he is buying in on Oklahoma...

"When people are saying this is Bob Stoop's year, it's always difficult for me to do so."

He does go on to say he thinks the Sooners will be a legit "fringe" playoff team. How I LOVE the fact that we are using the term "playoff" to refer to college football's postseason.

Ty's initial take on OU...

"What concerns me a little bit, though, is that we're putting too much stock in one game."

Jake Trotter joins in at around the 10:00 mark.

Some of his key comments:

"[Baylor] has more star power than Oklahoma."

How much stock does Trotter put in Oklahoma's Sugar Bowl win over Alabama?

"It all comes down to how much you believe in Trevor Knight."

On how important the loss of Joe Mixon could be:

"Go back to the end of the summer [workouts], Bob Stoops was saying that Joe Mixon had a chance to start at RB."

Trotter says Baylor has some issues with experience across the back of their defense, which sounds like the same as OSU. Overall his comments on Baylor mirror the concerns we have for the Cowboys.

On Texas:

"Again, for Texas, it comes down to whether they're gonna get above average quarterback play or not."

He adds that if David Ash plays above average, Texas could win the Big 12. I don't disagree.

"Even when the Big 12 has been down at the position, you still need elite quarterbacking to win the league."

Trotter definitely believes Joe Wickline will be the difference maker if the Longhorns make a run this year. Well that's just great.

At 19.58, we finally get to some OSU stuff.

On who the starting QB will be at the end of September:

"If it's 17-0 Florida State at the end of the 1st quarter and OSU has two 1st downs, it wouldn't shock me at all if Garman got a chance and then it wouldn't shock me if the offense were more effective with him."

He is definitely not a fan of Walsh running the Cowboys' offense, and returns to that thought later on.

Trotter thinks the biggest defensive struggles will be at linebacker.

On what this season for OSU reminds him of:

"This really reminds me of the 2010 season, when a lot of people were picking them to finish last in the Big 12 South behind Baylor. Nobody knew who Brandon Weeden was. Nobody knew about Justin Blackmon, and then they go 11-2."

Oh Jake, if those words could only come true.

You can listen to the entire podcast here. Questions are solid and Trotter is knowledgeable and does a great job articulating his opinions.