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The Unstoppable Play

Ian Byod does an unbelievable job breaking down what could become the most dangerous play in college football.

The spread offense has tested the limits of the scoreboards over the last few seasons, but a new play could push them to their breaking point in 2014.

"It's the most significant thing to happen to college football," Manny Diaz said. "The most important play of last season was the touchdown that tied the game at 28."

The play Diaz is referring to was between Alabama and Auburn last season. No, it wasn't the last second missed field goal fiasco. It was a little play called the pop pass.

Any play that leaves the Alabama defense 20 yards away from the receiver is play we should be paying attention to.

Ian Boyd with SB Nation does an incredible job breaking down how the play works, variations of the play other schools are using, if it can be defended, and how we can expect it to revolutionize the game. It's really fantastic.