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Oklahoma State Football: The Best Case Scenario for 2014

I recently took a look at the worst this season could turn out. Now we look at the best this team can do this year.

Richard Rowe-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the week I took a look at what a disaster year would look like for Oklahoma State. I much prefer the glass half full side of things though. With only four (!!!!!) days until game day, it's time to start dreaming of Gundy dance moves, bereaved Bears, and sniveling Sooners. With the Cowboys next wave of future NFL talent as ammunition, Gundy is reloading, and he plans on taking aim at another shot at the Big 12 Crown.

No matter what way you look at it, best case or worst case, it doesn't matter; The Pokes are still opening the season against the defending National Champions with the reigning Heisman winner at the helm. The only way the Pokes aren't over-matched is if Gundy suited up former Oklahoma State players that now call Dallas home. Even in the most favorable light, this one isn't looking good. (I wouldn't mind being wrong).

The Cowboys get two (almost) guaranteed wins (knocks on wood profusely) in Missouri State and UTSA. They will then face their second test of the season when Texas Tech comes to town on Sep. 25th, a Thursday night showdown. Giving the Red Raiders the beating they've come to expect from Oklahoma State, and the Cowboys could go on a seven game run. Wins against Iowa State, at Kansas, at TCU, and West Virginia brings the Cowboys to a 7-1 record heading into November. If OSU is reloading more than they are rebuilding, this is not out of the question.

Then comes the brutal part, as the Cowboys finish the season against the Wildcats, Longshorns, Bears, and Sooners, and Texas is the only home game among them.

OSU has beaten K-State two of the last three meetings, and are a blown fumble call away from four consecutive wins over the Longhorms. The Cowboys could potentially travel to Waco with a 9-1 record. At this point the Pokes would be playing with house money.

The last trip to Waco, however, was not so pretty, and we all know about Gundy's 1-9 record vs. OU (and that one win was in Stillwater). Oklahoma State isn't going to win both games, but is it really all that outrageous to think that the Cowboys could steal one of the two?

The Cowboys have a real shot at a 9-3 or 10-2 record heading into bowl season if everything goes just right. Freshman mature quickly; the starting QB (whoever that might be) drives the offense efficiently; Tyreek Hill quickly becomes a Heisman candidate. This would be Mike Gundy's finest coaching job (and possibly Glenn Spencer's too), reaffirming that this team has "arrived," no longer rebuilding, but reloading.