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COWBOYS PODCAST FOR FREE: Tulsa World's Bill Haisten talks Florida State

Bill Haisten, while feverishly working on some important stuff, generously donated his time to discuss the upcoming tilt with the Seminoles.

Bill has been around the OSU program for a very long time (like, my kind of "long" time), so who better to sound off on the opener with Florida State.

A couple of key spots...

  • 5:09: Bill talks about what he is most curious/concerned about heading into the game and the season.
  • 17:13: Bill discusses the impact Ben Grogan could have on the season.
  • 22:30: All I'm gonna say is Tyreek Hill. Give a listen and start drooling.
  • At about the 30:30 mark we get into the outlook for the game.

Technology was not the most cooperative, so unfortunately we lost Bill as he was beginning to wax poetic about "what if" OSU beats Florida State. I hope that's not an omen...

Thanks again to Bill for lending his expertise and insight. Make sure to give him a follow on Twitter.

Thanks to Chris Ross for the assist with the audio.