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The Oklahoman's Kyle Frederickson spent some time with us discussing this weekend's big game and tolerating my technological inadequacies.

Once again, technology and I didn't get along very well, but we did manage to produce a nice discussion even if you have to look at Kyle the whole time.

Maybe that's a good thing?

After quickly clarifying the proper name for Kyle's employer (The Oklahoman), we get right into the upcoming contest:

2:25...Kyle talks about Tyreek Hill and is he THE difference maker for OSU in this game;

7:25...Yep, I say "talk about." Kyle maintains his composure and discusses freshman and linebackers;

10:18...Gundy has finally announced Walsh as the starter, and Kyle speaks to the position battle in general;

17:23...We discuss the challenges faced when questioning Gundy;

21:12...We get into Kyle's main concerns for the game;

24:50...Kyle gives us his 5 most important players (ok, it ended up being 7), and yes, Tyreek Hill was one of them. Full disclosure....we didn't really give him a choice on Hill;

30:44...Who is his favorite interview among the assistants?

32:05...What does the result of this game mean for the season? (This might have been Kyle's best stuff)

33:41...His views on how he sees things playing out if OSU is doing well vs if they are struggling;

Thanks again to The Oklahoman's Kyle Frederickson for lending his insight on the battle between the Cowboys and Seminoles.

Be sure to give Kyle a follow....

More great stuff coming, so stay tuned to Cowboys Ride For Free.