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Oklahoma State vs Florida State: The Infograph

It doesn't seem possible for clocks to move this slow. As the minute and hour hands creep towards kickoff slower than a D-lineman that's recovered a fumble and is heading to the endzone, we take a look at the match-up with an interactive infograph.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The good news, Oklahoma State football is just two days away. The bad news, (other than it's facing the best team in the nation), time may have stopped. The closer we get to game the longer it takes for each hour to pass.

It's funny though. As we all count down each tick, every tock, anxiously awaiting the game in Arlington, we miss the best part of the year. Right now, this very moment, this is what we should cherish. All the hopes for the Cowboys season, all the dreams of new OSU stars being born, all of the fantasy is still alive.

Alas, we are a society of instant gratification though, so instead we sit with bloodshot eyes fixated on the clock. Knowledge may be power, but ignorance is bliss. A bliss that good or bad, we only get to hold on to for a couple more days.

This is your first warning, if you want to hold onto that hope, look away now.

As we begrudgingly wait for a truth we might not like, the StatMilk infographs have returned, but there's a small catch. There's nothing to go off of yet, so all we can do is look at how Oklahoma State and Florida State compared last year. If car crashes, train wrecks, and gore in general makes you a little squeamish, well... this is your second warning to look away.

The charts confirm what we already know, Florida State is basically a NFL team. The Seminoles return a lot of talent from the National Championship squad, while the pokes lost more experience than anyone in the country. The error of margin for the Pokes is thinner than Jimbo Fisher's hair, but I'm still holding out hope of the upset. No matter how disturbing the numbers are.