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PREDICTION TIME! Oklahoma State vs. Florida State

Give your predictions for the first game of the season!

Go Pokes!
Go Pokes!
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to a brand new season of college football!

My name is Schultzy, and I'll be doing these Prediction Time posts before every game. The rules are very simple; I throw down the gauntlet, and you do your best to answer my questions. After each week, I'll go back, review your results, and choose a winner, who will be highlighted in the next Prediction Time. Pretty simple, right?

Let's get it on!

1. Final score?

2. Does any QB besides JW get snaps? If yes, who and how many?

3. Freshman with the biggest impact? Give me some stats

4. Offensive MVP and Defensive MVP?

5. Will OSU score more than 20 points?

6. The best Jameis Winston joke we will see?

7. What uniform combination will we see?

8. Number of missed Ben Grogan field goals?

9. Number of possessions the OSU defense gets a stop?

10. Total number of yards by FSU and OSU?