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Cowboys Ride To Arlington For Free: Week One Staff Predictions

The CRFF staff gets together to discuss what they think will happen in the first college game day of the year.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Less than 48 hours many of you will be sitting in the museum of a stadium that Jerry built and the CRFF staff decided to get together and tell you what to expect Saturday Night.

Before we dive into this I want you to know what the average score predicted was, 39.5-25.9, with FSU winning all but three.The worst scores predicted were from Robert Whetsell and Annice Mcewan, each predicting 56 for FSU and at least 21 for OSU. This average score all together would put them above the O/U of 63.5 by about two points.

Steven Mandeville:  42 - 24 Florida State
Nick Lozanovski: 38 - 24 Florida State
Graham Coffelt: 31 -  21 Florida State
King: 34 - 24 Florida State
Schultzy: 45 - 21 Florida State
Chris Ross: 38 - 31 Oklahoma State
Evan Joes: 35 - 21 Florida State
Taylor York: 38 - 24 Florida State
Cade Webb: 35 - 24 Florida State
Derek Hatridge: 38 - 37 Oklahoma State
Robert Whetsell: 56 - 20 Florida State
Cory Treece: 37 - 31 Florida State
Gunter Sharp: 38 - 35 Oklahoma State
Dekota Gregory: 35 -27 Florida State
Josh Poteet: 38 - 27 Florida State
Colin Price: 38 - 28 Florida State
Annice Mcewan: 56 - 21 Florida State
Nick Tyler: 38 - 24 Bad Guys

Here are a few of my favorite detailed predictions from the staff:

"Free Seafood U., 42-24 We keep the streak of 20+ but Jameis won't be denied. We see the first glimpse of Daxx The Destroyer (Guardians of the Galaxy anyone?) in the second half and controversy brews." - Steven Mandeville

"Florida State 31-21. Fans are going to be pleasantly surprised at the way the Cowboys compete against the defending national champions. This game could very well switch to an OSU win if the Cowboys play a perfect game, would be very tough though." - Graham Coffelt

Although most of the staff seemed pretty sure OSU will lose, there are the three that believe they will pull off the win. With the right execution this talent can beat them, however the inexperience should show and FSU wins a close one.

Now for a more positive outlook, Chris Ross gave a pretty in-depth prediction and it is perfect.

The Cowboys jump out to an early lead behind some special teams play, and a little misdirection on offense. As soon as Daxx comes onto the field look for hand off to Roland up the middle, but wait... Desmond flips the ball back to Garman... Tyreek Hill is streaking down the field!...

...Let's just hope "the Freek" doesn't outrun this mythical arm we've been promised.

Chris elaborated a little more on his pick during a Q&A session with Tomahawk Nation.

I personally think that OSU keeps the game close, but the inexperience rears it's ugly head near the end of the third quarter. FSU is a far more talented and experienced team but hopefully we see some Gundy magic. If OSU loses in the last few minutes, however, we always have Squinky to blame.