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#CRFFBoldPredictions: Florida State vs Oklahoma State

#CRFFBoldPredictions are back! With a mountain of a game to start off the Cowboys 2014 campaign, the predictions did not disappoint!

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It's a new year, new season, and a lot of new faces.  The Cowboys are prepping for a huge week 1 opener against the defending national champion Florida State Seminoles, led by returning Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston.  I asked you guys to bring your "A" game with our first week of #CRFFBoldPredictions, and you have delivered!  

I've got to say... The Tyreek HIll predictions came out in full force!

I hear he has a helluva arm! Would be awesome to see!

I hope half is more than 14!

I'd be ok with this being the first play of the game...


The flea-flicker... An OSU staple... Right behind the quick screen!

This is certainly bold... I would say nearly impossible... But hey. Bold.

Oh... It is.

Another call for a flea-flicker!

Flag on the play.

If this happens, the season could end for me.

Seems like a real possibility with Gundy's track record...

I said BOLD predictions...

Ok... So we all really hope Tyreek is the real deal...

OSU great Caleb Lavey chiming in with a bold prediction!

Real possibility.

Tomahawk Nation with their #CRFFBoldPrediction from behind enemy lines!

And to wrap up our Week 1 #CRFFBoldPredictions, ESPN Analyst Jay Bilas!

That is a wrap for our first week of #CRFFBoldPredictions!  Thanks for all your tweets!  Lets get pumped up for an exciting match-up on Saturday, and be sure to send your #CRFFWhatWeLearned after the game!

Have more? Let us know in the comments section or tweet at us with the #CRFFBoldPredictions tag!