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QUICK RECAP: Cowboys lay down for nobody

We have to be careful about reading too much into this, but Oklahoma State showed everyone that they will most definitely be relevant this season.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It was 17-0 with a pick 6.

Don't lie.

You were ready, if you weren't already there.

Pack the bags, come home and lick the wounds.

Then a funny thing happened on the way to the blowout....

The Cowboys showed the fight that Gundy had been talking about. The very thing that we said OSU couldn't afford to have happen, did, and the Pokes got up off the mat and gave us Rocky.

Unfortunately, Rocky still loses at the end. You can't give a short field or defensive scores to the defending national champs, and Walsh was responsible for two of those three mistakes.

There were other issues. The play calling on the first two series was abysmal. A friend who breaks down film for the Big Ten network said they were calling the game "scared."

Ashton Lampkin got called for defensive holding three times.

Two botched punts.

Some poor officiating that went both ways, although I feel like the Seminoles got the bigger calls and no calls.

And how about the onside kick? What the hell? You've got three time outs remaining and the defense has been fantastic.

I do walk away from this with pride, but I also walk away feeling a bit like one got away.

And I'll say it here...Tyreek Hill should be on a Heisman list. Dude is gonna torch some defenses this year, especially if they figure out how to use him effectively on offense. Handing him the ball up the middle is NOT one of them. Any kind of fake to him wide...screen, sweep, or hand off...will be a fantastic weapon. We saw that on Glidden's TD. His first game as a D1 player against arguably the best team in the country, and he put up 278 all purpose yards.

The job that Glenn Spencer is doing is phenomenal, but let's also acknowledge Joe Bob Clements. Our defensive line is really good. Florida State has 3 offensive lineman that will likely see time in the NFL, and Castleman, Ogbah and company gave them all they could handle.

The secondary played really well considering, as far as I'm concerned, but Lampkin's holding penalties were killers.

The offensive line, while not really pushing around Florida State's defensive front, found their footing after a shaky start. The Cowboys only averaged 3.8 yard per rush, but they were much better as the game went on.

I'll save the detailed stats analysis for tomorrow, but the Cowboys had a respectable 5.2 ypp. Walsh averaged 7.3 yards per pass, but managed a healthy13.5 per completion.Take away those first two ridiculous possessions and those numbers are even better. His inability to stretch the field vertically, however, is going to be an issue.

I said before the game that OSU needed three things to have a chance to win the game:

1-Don't give up a defensive score...
2-Don't give FSU short fields...
3-Win TOP

They lost/gave up all three. Think about it...take away the defensive score, OSU wins. Take away the two botched punts or the Walsh fumble, they probably beat the defending national champs. But they didn't, because you can't give up those things to really good football teams. Hell, give up those things to mediocre football teams and you're in trouble.

Oh well, that's the way it works. Squinky sucks. But this team is good enough to compete for a conference title.

This year. Not 2015.

So let's sit back, revel in the show put on by our boys Saturday night on national TV. Get them home and healed up.

And say our prayers that we don't have to play UTSA next week. We love Missouri State.