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OKLAHOMA STATE vs FLORIDA STATE: OSU Player of the Game Nominations

Great games can't be played without great players. Here are your Cowboys Ride for Free Player of the Game Nominees.

Ronald Martinez

What a game.

That was one of the most fun games to watch and last night was probably the happiest I've been after a loss.

We hung around with the champions all the way till the end and the future looks bright for Oklahoma State.

Of course, our efforts would've looked a bit more futile if it weren't for the performances of some outstanding players. Time for you to decide who you thought was our Cowboys Ride for Free Player of the Game.

Honorable Mention

Ashton Lampkin

Lampkin made an interception late in the second quarter that stopped Florida State and allowed us to go down and kick a field goal, which brought us within a touchdown at halftime. I wouldn't nominate him for player of the game because he had a few holding penalties that cost us critical third down stops.

David Glidden

If I told you before the game that David Glidden would be the best Cowboy receiver on the field last night, you'd think I was crazy. Glidden finished first among Cowboy receivers with two receptions for 74 yards and one touchdown.


Tyreek Hill

I think this is an obvious nomination. The Freek is everything he was advertised to be. He's great at avoiding tacklers and extending plays and his speed is unreal. Hill did not score any touchdowns in the game, but he amassed for 278 all-purpose yards and his teammates combined for 292. This guy is going to set Big 12 defenses on fire this year.

J.W Walsh

Even though Walsh threw a pick six and had a costly fumble, he still managed to put three touchdowns on the board. Walsh threw for 203 yards, one touchdown, one interception, and ran for 51 yards with two touchdowns.

Emmanuel Ogbah

One of the most impressive things from last night was our young defensive line's ability to cause trouble with Florida State's offensive line - a line with five seniors. Emmanuel Ogbah was an absolute monster all night. Ogbah finished with six tackles, two sacks, and two deflected passes. He had Winston's number.

That wraps it up for our nominations! Vote below and the winner will be announced on Tuesday. Let us know in the comments if you think I left someone out.

Last night confirmed beyond all doubt that we are in for a special season. The Cowboys no longer rebuild, they reload.

Ride or die. Go Pokes!