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Barry Sanders Is The 1-Seed in ESPN's "The Season"

ESPN is hosting a tournament where fans get to vote for the greatest individual season in the history of college football.

David Longstreath | AP Photo

Barry Sanders 1988 season was recently recognized by Nike as the greatest season of all-time, but now ESPN is putting it to the test.  "The Season" is a tournament where college football fans get to vote for the greatest individual performance of all time.

Barry is listed as a 1-seed, and faces Tulsa's Howard Twilley in the first round. In 1965 Twilley caught 134 passes for 1,779 yards and 16 touchdowns. An honorable performance, but not the greatest of all time.

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Oklahoma State fans know the only real question the tournament is asking is, who's number two? But it's up to the fans to vote. Let's make sure the Cowboy hero doesn't get upset by the razzle dazzle over-hype of Johnny Manziel, or Tim Tebow, the guy that lasted in the NFL about as long as a fart lingers in the wind.

Polling for the will take place throughout the week, with the final vote on Thursday.

In 1998 Barry Sanders rushed for 37 touchdowns, and a ridiculous 2,628 yards. A record that still stands even without including 222 additional yard rushed in the Holiday Bowl. Sanders efforts brought Oklahoma State it's only Heisman Trophy.

Here's a little reminder of just how special that season was.