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Leslie O'Neal Takes His Place In Oklahoma Sports History

On Monday Oklahoma State legend Leslie O'Neal was inducted into the Oklahoma Sports Hall Of Fame.


Leslie O'Neal played at Oklahoma State from 1982 - 1985. His breakout game in 1983 came against the number one ranked power house, Nebraska.  John Helsley, with the Oklahoman, spoke with Leslie O'Neal about the game.

"This was a Nebraska team that was supposed to just beat up on everybody,"

The Cowboys lost a close one to the Cornhuskers, but before O'Neal made his presence felt. Leslie went on to become a two-time All-American.

O'Neal also spoke with Helsley about what it means to be honored.

"It’s just a great honor," O’Neal, who still makes his home in San Diego, said of the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame nod. "To me, it says that there are enough people who felt good about what I did as a football player at Oklahoma State. And I played at a level for which they want to honor me forever. And that’s the thing that makes it so phenomenal."

O'Neal went on to have a long career in the NFL, and made the Pro Bowl six times. It's great to see him take his place in Oklahoma Sports History. Hopefully the NFL Hall of Fame takes notice, and does the same.

Be sure to check out Helsley's article, it's a fantastic read.