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Oklahoma State vs Florida State: The Series

This isn't the first time these two teams have met. It has actually been an interesting, albeit short, history.


As the countdown to Arlington keeps ticking down the hours to arguably the biggest game of the opening weekend of college football, I decided to take a look at the previous meetings between Oklahoma State and Florida State.

This year's Cowboys Classic will be just the fifth meeting between the Pokes and Seminoles,  with the latter holding the upper hand in a 3-1 lead.

The first tussle between these two teams was in the year 1958. FSU traveled to Kentucky to face off against the Cowboys in the Bluegrass Bowl. Oklahoma State would leave the victor in a thrilling game with a riveting score of 15-6. The Florida State defeat was the 'Noles first appearance on National TV, and Howard Cosell's first national telecast!

It would be nearly 20 years before the Noles would again face OSU. A home-and-home series brought FSU to the sprawling plains of Oklahoma to once again square off with the Pokes in 1977. Both teams would battle valiantly, but FSU emerged the winner with a 25-17 victory.

The next year, the Cowboys traveled to the sunny city of Tallahassee, hoping to earn themselves a piece of revenge. Things, however, went south for the Pokes, and they returned to Stillwater after suffering a 38-20 loss.

Now, fast forward to 1985 and let me set the scene. Numerous fans in colorful examples of the height of fashion enter the stadium, jamming out to "Footloose" and Prince's "When Doves Cry", all eagerly awaiting the start of the Gator Bowl. The Cowboys made the trip once again to the Florida peninsula where the Seminoles were waiting.

Plenty off buzz surrounded the game, especially with the anticipated match-up of FSU freshman phenom Deion Sanders versus Thurman Thomas and a freshly healed Hart Lee Dykes. The Pokes fell behind early, and were met at halftime with a deficit of 13-0.

As the second half began, Cowboy fans could sense a change in their team. Whatever head coach Pat Jones said in the locker room had worked, and OSU began to rally. Even after a Deion Sanders interception that would lead to seven more for FSU, quarterback Ronnie Williams had a few tricks up his sleeve.

After a fumble by Seminole quarterback Chip Ferguson and a Cowboy recovery, Williams handed off to Thomas then broke into a run down the left side. Thomas looked, feinted a run, and tossed the ball down field where it was caught by Williams and taken into the endzone. A truly beautiful play that was executed to near flawlessness.

However, it wasn't enough as the Seminoles would go on to win the Gator Bowl with a score of 34-24.

Now it's time once again for the Pokes and Noles to meet on the gridiron. Will Jameis Winston be too much for the young Cowboy defense, or will Daxx Garman be the surprise spark for Mike Gundy and Co. to pull the upset?

Regardless what happens, history is sure to be made. Jerry World awaits.