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Brandon Weeden Prepared To Start Tonight

Football is on! Football is on! Several Oklahoma State stars will be on hand as the Dallas Cowboys play the San Diego Charges in tonight pre-season NFL game!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Since being rescued from the depths of despair that is the Cleveland Browns, Brandon Weeden has been impressive in Dallas. The former Oklahoma State star, and current Dallas Cowboys back up QB, has been filling in for Tony Romo while he recovers from back surgery.

Over the summer Weeden spent the majority of his time with the 1's while Romo rehabbed.  Tony has since come back to two-a-day's during fall camp, but Weeden continues to get snaps with the starters. He's been an unexpected surpise for the Cowboys.

While Romo hasn't officially been ruled out, every indication is Brandon will get the start in tonight's pre-season opener against the San Diego Chargers. Kickoff is at 10:00 pm ET, and the game will be televised by CBS.

"I’m not worried about numbers," Weeden said. "I’m not worried about any of that stuff. Just go out and function and communicate. Sometimes when you get jacked up, it’s hard. Sometimes you get a little spastic and you don’t communicate well enough. That’s going to be my main focus."

Unlike in Cleveland, Weeden isn't expected to come in and carry the team on his back. He just needs to manage the game.

"Him coming into this offense for the first time this year and him being where he is in his career, he just needs to take snaps," Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett said, "and we got to give him a chance to do that."

Brandon will have plenty of familiar talent to help get him comfortable in tonight's game. Dan Bailey, Dez Bryant, Orie Lemon, Tyler Patmon, and Joeseph Randle are also on the roster and could see some playing time.