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Top 10 Turf Moments (2005-2013) - #8 The Return

This was easily the most photogenic of all the moments in the Gundy era. Josh Stewart had an outstanding career at Oklahoma State, and he capped it off with this number eight moment. The Horned Frogs of TCU are still scratching their heads.

Josh Stewart runs into the endzone capping off a punt return for a touchdown against TCU.
Josh Stewart runs into the endzone capping off a punt return for a touchdown against TCU.
Michael Wyke
There have been several players in the Mike Gundy era that have become household names in the Big 12, and even nationally. The biggest being Dez, Weeden, and Blackmon. Josh Stewart though, has been on the cusp of that list the majority of his career at Oklahoma State. Stewart since Weeden and Blackmon's departure was the most versatile and dangerous offensive weapon that Mike Gundy had at his disposal. Some fans may believe that he was underused while donning the "Brightest Orange," but one thing remains. If Josh Stewart has the football, there could be a touchdown coming to an endzone near you.

The 2013 Oklahoma State football campaign was a solid one, but clearly left fans wanting more. Fans probably should have come into the weekend of October 19, a homecoming weekend in Stillwater, with a football team that had an undefeated record and was poised to take another Big 12 Championship home. That wasn't the case though, with the team dropping an inexplicable loss to Big 12 bottom dweller West Virginia in Morgantown three weeks prior. This is not even include the nail biter that likely shouldn't have been against Kansas State in Stillwater. So now, the team needing to get a solid Big 12 win, had TCU in town. Josh Stewart was ready to put on a show.

The first quarter of the game saw the Cowboys show a few sparks on offense, but J.W. Walsh and company could not find their way into the endzone. Again, Josh Stewart even in the first two drives, in a scoreless game, was putting on a show. In the first two drives alone, Stewart hauled in six receptions for 65 yards. Then, the play that will ever keep this game in the minds of Cowboy fans happened.

TCU's drive had stalled and it was 4th and 6 on their own 41 yard line. Ethan Perry boomed a punt, redeeming his poor 22 yard punt on the Horned Frogs first drive, all the way to the 5 yard line. A 54 yard punt. Unfortunately for Perry and the Horned Frogs, Josh Stewart didn't want to call a fair catch and let the ball bounce into the endzone for a touchback.

I figure my textual play-by-play will be far too boring, so let the video and the call from the voice of the Cowboys, Dave Hunziker bring back the memories from last October.

Josh Stewart is a player that the Oklahoma State football program is going to miss. This play is the poster child for his abilities. At any time. At any place. Josh Stewart could score. That made him a special Cowboy, and he again will be missed as this new season is fast approaching. I would also be remissed to not say that Cowboy fans are hoping that Stewart has a quick recovery from his achilles injury and that he can be back on the field soon, for Cowboy fans to enjoy his electric play on Sundays.

There are more great moments in this countdown to come so stay tuned here at CowboysRideForFree.