Reddit's Most Hated College Football Teams By State


Reddit released an map of the United States by showing the most hated college football team by state.

Cowboy and Sooner fans agree that neither one cares for the Longhorns much, but a lot of other folks hate them too. Nebraska isn't even in the Big 12 anymore and they still hate Texas more than anyone else.

Not surprisingly the most hated team in Ohio is Michigan, but what on earth did the Wolverines do to piss off Nevada?

Something weird is going on in SEC country. The State of Alabama hates Bama, MIssissippi hates Ole Miss, Florida hates the Gators, Kentucky hates Kentucky, and South Carolina hates the Gamecocks.

It's also interesting that Montana, North Dakota, and Vermont just don't care about college football. I can't even imagine what that would be like.

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