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Daxx Garman Now On Scholarship For OSU

Oklahoma States' Mike Gundy announced Saturday that Garman will now be a scholarship player after two years of being a walk-on.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Following a 131-play scrimmage Saturday coach Gundy announced that quarterback Daxx Garman and two other former walk-ons, punter Kip Smith and fullback Teddy Johnson, will now be on scholarship starting this upcoming semester.

This could be seen as a sign perhaps that the quarterback really has had a very good offseason and placed himself in the starting hunt. Some have been speculating that he could take over the starting job from J.W. Walsh because of the rocket he carries around that he calls an arm.

If you haven't seen Daxx play, well here is some footage from his 2009 high school season. It should be noted as it it has been repeatedly, that Garman hasn't played a live football game since he was in high school.

If you want to read more from the meetings with the media after the scrimmage you can go here. Who do Cowboys fans think the starter should be? Who do you think it will be? Comment with your answer.