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Oklahoma State vs Florida State: As Told By Seminole Fans.

Game threads are something special. More often than not the full gambit of human emotion is experienced within just three hours. There's some pretty funny stuff below. Grab some popcorn, and enjoy.

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The Florida State Seminoles jumped out to an early lead with a dominant first quarter over Oklahoma State. The Cowboys found their fight as the game wore on though. Whenever the 'Noles tried to land the knockout punch, the Pokes just kept getting back up off the mat. Perhaps the story of the game is best told by Seminole fans.

We take a look at some of the comments made by FSU fans during the game. They start out confident enough, but by the end of the game they have a whole new appreciation for the Cowboys.

Here are the best comments from Tomahawk Nation.
(Remember, this is being told from a FSU fan point of view)


Here we go!!

Those face masks look purple

Maybe I am colorblind, but those helmets look like the cream colored "practice" helmets. Am I wrong?

Who else thinks Finebaum looks like Gollum?

Nothing says football like Maroon 5?

I really got tired of the Eminem one, but this one is just awful.

I very much fear we come out over confident. We have no idea how good OSU is. They could be great. I am incredibly nervous about this matchup. I prefer being the underdog.

Defense is STOUT!

Nice Penetration.

LOL QB draw

3 & out!!! Great start!!!

Great field position to start.

The confidence on Jameis' face, and the business in the O-line's eyes.... I wouldn't want to be lined up across from this squad.

A continuation from last year.

We dropped a pass? WTF?

Well defended if you ask me.

All senior line... crazy.

Kermit with the big catch.

So so so early, but loving this team so far.

Offense stall, but I saw a lot of good out there.

Why is DE kicking our FG attempts?

I'm ok with nice long drives and 3 and outs.


Let's go D.



Defense is STOUT.

And it's on.

Cowboys getting overrun, and no cavalry to rescue ‘em.

OSU sideline looks shell-shocked.

Tyreek Hill is fast.

You ain't getting that swing pass to work, son!

Gotta have more than Hill.

Dang it, I want to see Daxx Garman get some reps!

Let's keep up that screen game Pokes.

So apparently Hill will be the only player OSU will throw to.


This is glorious.

3 & out again!!!

This isn't fair. When has OSU ever had to play a team with defense?

Not really attacking down field.

Taking what they're giving him.

Okay, they're playing to defend the run.

Running game is slightly concerning.

What the hell what that?

Let's not give OK St any confidence

Oh shit... punter sighting.

Nice low no hang time short punt. AWESOME, WE STILL SUCK AT PUNTING

Holy crap this D, LOL.

Our run blocking needs to step the @$&?!! Up!!


Wow, how do you miss from 42?

There is that long play!! LOL

So close to scoring, what else is new?

Wow.... No bueno.

Huh, well that sucked.


Come on Jameis! And can we run the ball?

Really good play by the LB.

Tried too hard, and OSU is starting to show their true colors.

OSU is wanting Winston to use the new WR's. OSU stacking the box.

No run blocking whatsoever. Horrible.

Another 3 and out.

It looks like we have 12 men on the field every play.

We tried that. Got flagged.

Winston, You have other WR's.

Wow, that was almost gonna be a pick 6 for them.

Touchdown Pender!!!



Florida State guaranteed to cover the spread by the end of the second Q.

Hill is kinda fast.

Hill is a beast.

Man if their QB gonna run and throw he's gonna get popped.

Wow... I don't know how he didn't get the first down. What a recovery.

I thought the secondary did a damn good job of keeping OSU from getting a first down. That was impressive given that it was quite a broken play.

I'm digging OSU. Scrappy underdogs, and Gundy is a good coach.

Alright, I'll admit Hill is a game changer.

Man, can we stop Hill?

This guy's hard to tackle.

Thank goodness there's only one Tyreek Hill.

Well there goes the shutout.

Have to give OSU credit. They tire you out with their pace.

Ouch, Winston just got lit up.

Wow, what a sack.

OSU has momentum.

Punt alert.

Really starting to not like OSU.

Our offense with 10 points in the half? Troubling.

Rashad is doing a great job of fair catching.

2min drill.

Looks like we're running it out.

Apparently Jimbo has no desire to score here.

And he throws a pic. Would have rather us run the clock out.

WTF Jameis?

We are currently not Skrong.

Burn the unis, helmets, and logos.

17-10 when we on way to score is just not good.


Nice return.

This running game is ZZZZZZZZ.

Dumb throw

That was a dumb throw though... Fo realz.

Yikes. Offensive line is struggling.

Jameis WTF?

We need to start getting TD's not FG's

Hey! No turnovers and a score!

Jameis looks bad because OSU doesn't fear our running game.

They better have figured out a way to shut down that one run play. You know... the one OSU keeps running.

I... uh... what the f**k?

What just happened?

SMH. Was that Andrews who bit hard?

That was, um... bad.

Well that's what they have been looking for all nite.

That was a well-designed and executed play. Sucks, but it was.

Welp, we may just be in trouble.

One team clearly spent the whole off-season hearing about how they would lose tonight.

Yeah guys, OSU sucks, no way they can play with us... GTFOH. That is why you respect the opponent.

I have changed to just wanting a win tonight now.

Our offense is not going to do anything if we can't run the ball.

Wow. This is truly ugly.

Winston needs to find another WR.

OK St is outplaying us, they are outcoaching us, and they are playing harder than us. This team is in real trouble.

Another incoming punt...

OK St has ALL the momentum and look like the better team.

At least one QB knows when to throw it away.

I'm glad they spot us a down with a draw every once in a while.

HOLY SH*T... We just dodged a bullet!

Got away with a pull I think.


Mike Gundy tried to match the OSU orange color with his skin tone.

We need another halftime.

That's a lucky break.


Winston is just closing his eyes and heaving.

Did Jameis forget how to play QB?

What was that? A run for positive yards? What is this witchcraft?

SO far the OSU DB's do not fear Winston throwing the ball down field.

Bailed out by a defensive holding call.

Sad when we need penalties to keep our drives alive.

Time for a TD!!!


Heisman sh*t right there.

Why is there never a camera down the goal line?

Because there's a ref standing there... and they never miss a call.

Stop them D.

I think Hill could play for us.

A stop!!!

Wow... we got yards on a run.

Crap he is short.

So Winston doesn't trust any receivers.

Go for it!

It's Jimbo... He will punt... with the worst punter in CFB.

If I didn't know better, I would be tempted to say he's trying to get the returner to muff a punt by kicking it shorter. But I know better.

Stop something.

He's f**ken fast.

Getting beat over and over again with a high school play.

The D would be a lot less gassed if the offense could hold onto the GD ball.

I cannot believe this team is carving up the defense. Pissing me off, I can't even watch anymore.

Wow WTF?

This is sad.

For those of you who don't know our history, but FSU always seems to let a subpar QB have the game of his life against us.

We need an 11:51 minute drive that ends with a score. Is that too much to ask?

Need to move the chains and sustain a drive here.


That was a bad play call, if that is what that was. Actually terrible


Can we run it now?

Weird... we have other receivers.

Good lord.

Get rid of the f**king ball Jameis.

Spin Sack!

Jameis is scared.

3rd and Dallas.

And OK St has the ball now and a chance to take the lead. This is bad.

We'll always have 2013...

Welp, this feels like a loss waiting to happen.

I know we deserve to lose at this point, but can the defense just show up one time for old time's sake?

Good thing their QB has no arm.

Yes! A STOP!

Still a better than a Beatty punt.

That's why we have a long snapper on scholarship!

That was an interesting kick LOL.

LOL this is sad.

Go for the TD!!

Great and now we are still only going to be up 1 score.

J.W. Walsh sounds like some brokerage company.

FG was the right call.

We will be lucky to hold on.

I had more confidence in our team winning down 21-3 vs Auburn.

Alright, I'll admit that I am a little scared now!

Turnover right now!!! NOWWW!


You called it!!!


Wow, we needed that. And I'm still not confident in a win...

Please don't give it back to them.

Jimbo, turn to page 2 of the playbook!!!

Dear Coach, What the f**k?





Ramsey got burned.

Big 12 needs to worry about Hill.

Hill is for real.

The just drove down and took that score, nothing we could do to stop them.

Get ready the hands team. Onside kick coming up.

Well, so much for laughing at the OSU guy who said they could drop 30+ on us.

Really starting not to like these guys.


OK St has a ton of talent. They may be young but this is going to be one hell of a team the next two years.

Hands team... let's go.

Wow that was dangerous.


Wow, I still don't feel like we are out of the woods.

How the hell is our line getting bootyblasted like this?

YAY! Defensive holding!

Bailed out by another penalty.

That's game.

Thank god we have the Citadel next week.

Phew!!!!!! Lucky to get out of here with a win.

Props to OSU... damn! That team deserves some recognition.

That Hill kid is phenomenal.

I'm deleting this off of my DVR. I'm never watching this game again.

We won right? I feel like we lost, but we really won, right? Tell me I'm right.