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#CRFFWhatWeLearned Playing Florida State

It's baaacckk! #CRFFWhatWeLearned from the game! Tyreek Hill is fast, Glenn Spencer is a boss, and more!

Ronald Martinez

We asked Twitter what did we learn about Oklahoma State football following the Florida State game. What we got back was gold. We learned Tyreek Hill is indeed a FREEK, Ogbah is a BEAST, and love him or hate him, Walsh is a gamer!

Side Note: "THE FREEK & THE BEAST" needs to be a t-shirt. If you all are interested I'll see if I can make that happen. Let me know in the comments

Before we get started, I would also like to say we learned that Florida State has some of the classiest fans in college football. A tip of the hat to them.


Yes, That's what we mean

Game changer


Art Briles don't care.

J.W. is a gamer, plain and simple.

Just match the money others throw at him!

I would agree with this

Walsh's heart is bigger than his arm.

Haven't we known this for awhile?

All of these things!

Only OU fans in disguise want Gundy gone.

Losing top two centers from a year ago was definitely a problem.

Hopefully this in reference to OSU's fight. Otherwise...

Glenn Spencer is the defender of everything.


Even FSU fans hate them.