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Daxx Garman vs. Brandon Weeden: The Battle of Oklahoma State Quarterback Debuts

Daxx Garman made his fantastic debut this weekend. How does it compare to the debut of the greatest quarterback in OSU history?

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know if you guys are aware but Daxx Garman made his OSU debut on Saturday versus Missouri State. If the reports are true he could also be the starter for quite a few of the upcoming games. As we were made aware on Saturday, Daxx can spin it. His arm reminds some of us of the best QB in OSU history, Brandon Weeden. We got our first good glimpse of Brandon Weeden in a similar situation. Zac Robinson had been hurt the week before versus Texas Tech and Alex Cate took over for Zac in the first half. Cate proceeded to go 0-9 with 1 INT in the first half as OSU was on the ropes against an unranked Colorado team. Enter the 26 year old savior and future of Oklahoma State football.

How similar is Daxx's debut to Brandon's? The stats say pretty close.

QB C/Att Comp % Yards Y/A TD INT QBR
Brandon Weeden 10/15 66.7% 168 11.2 2 0 88.8
Daxx Garman 16/26 61.5% 244 9.4 2 0 82.4

The game's and the circumstances were different in both cases. Weeden came into a game in which OSU was trailing, and struggling offensively. He brought the Cowboys back and lead them to a win. Daxx took over in a game in which OSU was up 10-0 over an FCS opponent. It would have been difficult for Garman to cause an Oklahoma State loss.

Weeden's performance was more efficient and more memorable for good reason. Weeden, though did not make this throw in his debut:

In 2009, Zac Robinson came back the next game and finished out the season. With JW Walsh's injury Daxx Garman could see considerable playing time in the upcoming weeks. Will he, like Weeden, have success following a run-first quarterback? Weeden had some great weapons around him but you could argue that Daxx has overall better talent to throw to.

Brandon Weeden went on to lead the Cowboys to an 11-2 record in 2010 and a 12-1 record in 2011, plus a Big 12 Championship and BCS Bowl win. If Daxx becomes the starter, let's hope he can earn similar hardware.