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UTSA Defensive Preview: Beep, Beep!

This is a great tune-up game opportunity for the Oklahoma State Cowboys, but it is also the first of what will likely be many trap game situations this year.

UTSA was able to scare a solid team like Arizona last week.
UTSA was able to scare a solid team like Arizona last week.
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

A lot has changed since last Saturday.

Injured quarterback. New quarterback. Different style. Now can the Oklahoma State seamlessly transition with a new signal caller when there is a solid mid-major football team coming to Stillwater Saturday.

Daxx Garman showed some signs of being a good quarterback for the Cowboys, but there were several head-scratching moments with the almost folk hero Garman. Garman threw the ball several times into double and triple coverage last Saturday. Many will overlook that, because of the one great play he had, but he won't get away with the things he did against Missouri State, Saturday when he takes on the Texas-San Antonio Roadrunners.

In their first game, the Roadrunners intercepted the ball four times against Houston. Houston's offense is still like it has always been, pass happy, and although Garman is likely better than the talent that the Cougars have at quarterback, the lack of experience could bite Garman.

The secondary does like to play closer to the box. The safeties, play at a linebacker depth and act as outside linebackers, and containment. Safety and "Dawg" linebacker Nic Johnston leads the team in tackles.

The Roadrunner defensive line is something that will have Bob Connelly worried. The Roadrunners have accumulated five sacks so far this season. Defensive end Jason Neill leads the line with three tackles for a loss, two of which are sacks.

The key to the Cowboys success will be the running game and the offensive line. Desmond Roland missed last weeks game against Missouri State but Roland could return Saturday and would be a huge addition. Rennie Childs has definitely become more of a power running back, but Roland is still the top man. Tyreek Hill will obviously be a big part of the offensive game plan.

With all the variables, this will be a similar game to last Saturday. The Roadrunners are of a higher quality, and will be a tough test for the Cowboys, if they come out flat or turn the ball over. This game would be better suited for J.W. Walsh to play in, but it doesn't ever seem like luck is on the side of the Cowboys.