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Will Oklahoma State Wear Throwback Uniforms For Texas Tech Game?

Oklahoma State announced the Thursday night game against Texas Tech on September 25th, as Throwback Thursday!

Oklahoma State sent out an email declaring the Thursday night game against Texas Tech on September 25th, "Throwback Thursday".

Cowboy Football kicks off BIG 12 conference play against Texas Tech on Thursday Sept 25 and the game has been officially named a Throwback Thursday game!

To celebrate, we are releasing a limited number of tickets at Throwback prices. Fans can purchase 4 tickets for only $100!

To purchase, please Click Here and enter the Promo Code:


If you have any questions please contact the Customer Service Center at 877-ALL-4-OSU or


The question on everyone's mind isn't about the great deal on tickets (you should definitely get some), but whether or not Throwback Thursday means throwback uniforms!

Frankly I will be disappointed if it doesn't. Just before the season began Coach Gundy indicated we would see some different things with the uniforms this year. This could very well be what he was referring to. Whether that would mean a whole new uniform design, or simply wearing orange pants with the orange jersey and the white helmet with the throwback logo, I couldn't tell you. We'll just have to wait until game day.