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Give your predictions for the OSU vs. UTSA game!

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After a one week hiatus, Prediction Time is back just in time for OSU's matchup with the UTSA Roadrunners. The Age of Daxx is here so celebrate with some predictions of your own. Let's get it!

1. O/U on Daxx's passing yards at 325

2. Who will be Daxx's favorite receiver? Let's see some stats.

3. Let's see your Tyreek Hill stat line. Include return yards.

4. Final score?

5. Who has more sacks? Jimmy Bean or Emmanuel Ogbah? Give a number for each

6. How many times will we hear that UTSA has the most seniors of any team? I would say take a drink every time you hear this, but I'm afraid you'd die.

7. Is this the week Grogan makes all his FG's?

8. Uniform combination?

9. Number of pass interference penalties on OSU? (I'm looking at you, Ashton Lampkin)

10. O/U on the number of OSU turnovers at 1


1A) What will be Daxx's longest throw?

1B) Will your legs be weak at the sight of that thrown ball?

Go Pokes!