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CRFF Staff Predictions: Week 3

It's that time again as some of the CRFF staff gets together to discuss who will win and why.

Tom Pennington

One of the most inexperienced teams in college football takes the field Saturday night against the most experienced teams, the UTSA Roadrunners.

So what does that mean? Well most of the staff believes in this team and thinks a win will come out of it. But will OSU cover the spread of 16?

Staff Predictions

Josh Poteet - 31-24 UTSA. Whenever you have the most experienced team in the country taking on the younger team in the country it doesn't usually go well. I expect the youth of OSU to show and if they do pull a win out it will be impressive.

Chris Ross - Oklahoma State 38 - UTSA 28. Look for UTSA to come after the offensive line. I'm not expecting much improvement from the center position either. Garman will have to worry about fielding wild snaps, reading where the coverage is, and going through is progression, all while UTSA is bringing a blitz. The Roadrunners got home a few times against Arizona. Daxx could struggle in this game.

Robert Whetsell - I'm going with 52-17. Either Garman torches them or Hill runs all over the place, or both.

Nick Tyler - OSU 35 - UTSA 27. UTSA hangs around but OSU pulls away late. UTSA scores a garbage touchdown in the last minute. Tyreek has a big day going for 2 TD's one on a kickoff return. UTSA's defense can't keep a hold on him.

Derek Hatridge - Pokes win 38-21. Daxx makes it a passing party, and Tyreek Hill will score at least two touchdowns.

Pokelahoma - OSU 31-21. Not convinced this O-Line can overpower anyone much less a well respected D line. I think the D line gives them enough of a push to drop more into coverage and this game is less fun than we all want it to be. Hope I'm wrong.

Cade Webb - I think we run them out of the stadium. 52-10.

Colin Price - 35-21 OSU. The Pokes get an early jump but then go score for score as the defense gets lax with the lead.

Dekota Gregory - I believe the game will start out close but OSU will end up pulling away towards the end and the game will be closer than the score shows. Cowboys win 45-24

I expect a well fought game on both ends but Daxx shows off the arm we've all been waiting to see for a century and OSU wins 38-21. However the defensive backfield needs to play much better against a team that can take advantage of them. Don't forget to use #CRFFBoldPredictions and #CRFFWhatWeLearned before and after the game this week!