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Oklahoma State vs UTSA: #CRFFBoldPrediction

Oklahoma State takes on UTSA tomorrow, which means it's time for #CRFFBoldPredictions.

Tom Pennington

There were lots of great predictions this week. Tyreek Hill getting his first touchdown of the season was the most popular prediction, and there's broken paddles, the Hillcat, and a dance off. Don't forget to vote for the winner!

A huge thanks to writer for the Tulsa World and friend of the blog, Bill Haisten, for sending in his #CRFFBoldPrediction! If you aren't following him on Twitter, you should be!


How does Tyreek Hill not have a touchdown already?

We said bold.

I mean, it wouldn't be his worst idea ever.

Be sure to vote the winner below.

I think I'm still partial to this one though.

Carson Cunningham is calling this the Hillcat

I would die.

Sounds about right.

Can't rule it out.

I would settle for just one.

This is a much bigger concern than who's playing QB.

I would not feel good about the rest of the season.

Time to switch to Rudolph.

What if Hill accumulates 2000 yards this season, but 0 touchdowns?

The meltdown in the gamethread would be epic.

Walsh heals faster than a normal human being.


If this happens, buy a lottery ticket.