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Some solid stuff going on today, unlike Baylor's Friday night activity.

Ronald Martinez

When I say solid, I mean these COULD be competitive.

Or maybe not (Kansas, looking at you. Oh too, Texas).

The one thing we know for sure is today will be Daxx Garman's chance. Thrive, and the team will be his for the rest of the season...maybe...

Unless the offensive line regains some of what they had against Florida State, Garman will think the Roadrunners have 22 defenders. Shit the bed, and the Mason Rudolph's redshirt will go up in flames. We should all have alcohol and tranquilizers handy.

WV - Maryland has some intrigue, as does Minnesota - TCU. The evening slate offers a lot more than the daytime contests, while the Purple Wizard is resting up. The mid-afternoon games, while possibly competitive, read like a laundry list of B horror movies that are awful, but we probably can't help but watch, and we will all be worse off for doing so.

Big 12 TV Guide - Week 3

Game Date Time (ET) TV
West Virginia at Maryland Sat, Sep 13 12 pm BTN/Overflow
Kansas at Duke Sat, Sep 13 3:30 pm ESPN3/ESPNGP
Iowa State at Iowa Sat, Sep 13 3:30 pm ESPN
Arkansas at Texas Tech Sat, Sep 13 3:30pm ABC
Minnesota at TCU Sat, Sep 13 4 pm FS1
UTSA at Oklahoma State Sat, Sep 13 7 pm FSN
Tennessee at Oklahoma Sat, Sep 13 8 pm ABC
UCLA at Texas Sat, Sep 13 8 pm FOX
Kansas State BYE

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