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Pics of the Game: Oklahoma State vs UTSA

The Oklahoma State Cowboys vs the UTSA Roadrunners pictures of the game.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys made relatively light work of a team most thought would be a big test for this young team. At times it might not have been pretty, but the Pokes got the job done.

By halftime the Cowboys had built a comfortable lead over the UTSA team that beat the snot out of Houston and took Arizona to the wire. After some painful to watch three-and-outs by the Pokes, the Roadrunner looked to try and make things interesting in the third quarter by cutting Oklahoma State's lead down to just two possessions. Gundy and staff put their foot back on the gas though, leaving the Roadrunners in the dust as Ashton Lampkin returned a pick six to close out the game.

Overall it was solid improvement from last weeks game, but the Cowboys have to continue to improve. The offensive line struggled to get a push, and the center position was shaky for the third week in a row. The secondary is still a work in progress, especially with the 2's and 3's, but they were able to shore up the big play which is an encouraging sign.

The Cowboys have the potential to make some waves in the Big 12 as they improved to 2-1 on the season. Enjoy the pics of the game.