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The candidates are clear. The choice among them is not.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

I think this weeks Player of the Game choices are easy to pick out.

Daxx Garman

In his first collegiate start...and first start since his junior year of high school...Garman showed off the arm we saw for the first time last week. His completion percentage was not that high (57%) but he averaged 17.5 yards per completion and peppered the Roadrunner secondary with perfectly thrown deep balls, resulting in several pass interference penalties (and should have been several more), accumulating 315 yards and 2 TD's. He moved well in the pocket, and although sacked 4 times he stood in to complete throws and often avoided the pressure to buy time. This is definitely a different offense with Daxx at the helm.

Desmond Roland

Following a week off to nurse a rib injury, Roland did the grunt work, producing 95 very hard earned yards on 21 carries. It was tough work, as he often had to duck his head and move the pile since the offensive line struggled to create holes. He showed power and burst when given the opportunity. He proved how valuable he is to this offense.

The Defense

Impossible to separate out an individual player. This group showed more of what we saw against Florida State, as they held UTSA to 206 total yards (73 rushing, 133 passing) on 64 plays (3.2 ypp). The secondary played aggressive and the linebackers showed their speed. The Roadrunners mustered one real scoring drive, as their two field goals came on short fields (one punt return and one shanked punt). Glenn Spencer, Joe Bob, and the rest of the gang will be expensive to keep if they continue.