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#CRFFWhatWeLearned: Oklahoma State vs UTSA

Time for this week's edition of #CRFFWhatWeLearned. We'll highlight the best tweets about what we learned from the Oklahoma State vs UTSA game, and the rest of the Big 12 this week.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After Oklahoma State made light work of a team most thought would pose a pretty big challenge, everyone is wondering what's wrong with the Cowboys offense? Wait, what? I don't understand how it happened either, but somehow it did. In a game where the Pokes more than took care of business, they seemingly left the game with more questions than were answered, and that seems to be the power of Yurcich.

Most of the #CRFFWhatWeLearned tweets were directed at the OC's play calling, or lack thereof. Hopefully this was just a case of the Pokes not needing to show too much on film.

Here's what we learned from the game.



But, In a whole new way now.

Pretty much.

Oh my...

No doubt.


Just every other play has been.

Coach DudeBro is the Travis Ford of football.

Quick everyone shout out all the plays you know that aren't runs up the middle, four verticals, bubble screens or jet sweeps.

The Pokes should be stacked next year. Just have to keep the confidence in tact.

If he's making fun of it, we can too right?