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Friend of the blog, David Ubben, took a few minutes to discuss the state of OSU and the Big 12 as we head into the Cowboys' first bye week of the season.

With the first of OSU's three bye weeks upon us, we thought it would be a good idea to assess the state of the Cowboys, as well as the rest of the Big 12. Who better to bring in than Fox Sports Big 12 guru, David Ubben. Gotta give him a follow on Twitter, he's a lot of fun.

Here's the breakdown of what we covered:

1:04...How does OSU look relative to preseason expectations?

2:30...How are the Cowboys doing in utilizing preseason Big 12 newcomer of the year, Tyreek Hill?

5:48...What was up with OSU's offense against UTSA?

8:56...Even though Mason Rudolph is the backup, is there still a possibility that he might be able to redshirt?

11:41...Does the Big 12 champion need to be undefeated to make the CFB playoff?

14:55...We assess the basement of the Big 12, which seems to be a bit crowded right now. No, we don't waste any time talking about Kansas. First up is the mess at Tech, then a quick comment from me about Iowa State, and on to the dumpster fire in Austin (17:11), which Ubbs thinks made some headway in a loss to UCLA. We agreed that they do need to work on the coin toss.

21:55...And yes, J.W. Walsh's "moment" came up. I really wish Ubben had been the guy to ask Gundy about that.

23:13...David says OSU will come out on top against Tech next week to get a good start to Big 12 play.

That was it. Great time as always with David Ubben of Fox Sports. Big thanks to him for donating some time to us.

Stay tuned for another Hangout later this week as we take a more specific look at the Cowboys as they get ready for Big 12 action.