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OU and Baylor not getting any respect yet, JW's national itch, and a pile of dung highlight this week's rankings. Oh, and Kansas did several things right. We're not discussing the coin toss. After all, we do have some standards.

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There really is no good way to introduce this, so we'll dive right in...


1. Oklahoma...

The mighty Sooner offense hung 27 points on SEC powerhouse...oh, wait, it's just Tennessee. As I said on Twitter. Stoops and OU better bring their big boy pants to Morgantown this Saturday.

2. Baylor...

Praise Jesus! It's a miracle! Petty is healed! The Baptists strike again. I guess that's what playing scrubs does for you. The upcoming bye week might provide more resistance than they have faced so far, and with Iowa State and Texas coming up, the Bears should easily reach 5-0 before facing TCU in Waco on 10/11.

3. TCU...

Dominated a not very good Minnesota team (is anyone from the Big 10 any good?), as they should have. The offensive changes look to have improved things, and their defense is stout as usual. This will be a tough trip in October.

4. Oklahoma State...

Long throws and 3 & outs. This is the new age in Stillwater. Let's hope Gundy allows Walsh to return to the sideline soon, as JW scratching his nuts on national TV is NOT the OSU highlight I need to see every Saturday.

5. West Virginia...

Dana may actually have this thing turned around, but don't you think he should be on "first name" basis with his kicker? Judgement Day cometh as the Sooners come calling, and we all know OU is WAY better than Bama.

6. Kansas State...

Your display against Iowa State and a bye week did you no good in my poll, as I had time to think about what might happen to the Wildcats this week against Auburn.

7-10...This group is just a conglomerated pile of shit, and is a horrible display of football for the Big 12.

UT looked like they might pull the upset until a CB bit on a double move late in the game, and the over the top coverage didn't get there in time. I thought Swoopes' 4th down pass into the turf was apropos of their season so far, and UCLA is way overrated for a team that doesn't have much on offense.

As for Texas Tech, Rashaun Woods is still open and Arkansas is still running. OSU's offensive line might have a shot a week from Thursday, because the Hogs are not very good.

Iowa State nabs a rivalry win over Iowa who is one of the worst teams in the Big 10, and that's saying something.

Kansas, please stop masquerading as a school that cares about anything other than basketball. You're embarrassing us. Weis should resign and UT should hire him as the Coin Toss Coordinator. Sorry, I lied. We really don't have any standards...


1: Oklahoma:

The Sooners have this talent about scheduling big name teams, but only when said team is way down. Case in point; Alabama back in '05 or so. That was the worst bama team in a decade, and the mighty schooner rolled. (If I remember correctly that's the game that Jason Whites knee decided to explode as he rolled out of the pocket.) Or fsu two years ago. Castiglione has this voodoo about knowing when a brand team will suck, scheduling them, and enjoying the pub from the win. Get in some of these one-off kickoff games against an up team, then see what's up.

2: TCU:

Beating Minnesota by 30 is better than crushing buffalo by 60.

3: Baylor:

See: TCU

4: Kansas State:

Still have less losses than the peeps below.

5: Oklahoma State:

So Saturday sucked. Never thought a 43-13 game could look so bad.

6: West Virginia:

Good win on the road, but I suspect Maryland actually sucks.

7: Iowa State:

The clones believe in quality of wins of quantity.

8: Texas Tech:

The teckies meanwhile believe in quantity.

9: Texas:

Still couldn't beat a UCLA team who lost their starting qb. A&M fans are busy rubbing one out to the UT gamethread.

10: Kansas:

Well they managed to get on the correct plane, fly to the correct city, navigate the bus schedule, arrive at the stadium on time, and then do the reverse of all that to get home. That is the extent of what KU did correctly last weekend.

At least we know Charlie has logistics figured out...oh, wait, that's probably the guy who handles travel arrangements for the basketball team. Oh well....