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Week 3 has come and gone. Who's gettin' it done, who's not?

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Here's our weekly review of the Cowboys' opponents, who are still wandering around in non-conference play. That will change soon enough.

Florida State Seminoles

Record: 2-0 (ACC Atlantic, 0-0)

Last Game: Bye

Result: NA

Next Opponent: vs #22 Clemson

National Ranking: 1


Play time is over as Clemson comes calling Saturday for an 8pm Eastern tilt in Tallahassee on ABC. If you're an OSU fan, you have to be rooting for the Seminoles. Well, you don't HAVE to, but Florida State's success makes the Cowboys look good, especially if they start steamrolling folks. Clemson, however, is probably still pretty butt hurt from last year's blowout at their place, so expect them to show up with some fight.

Missouri State Bears (FCS)

Record: 2-1 (MVC, 0-0)

Last Game: vs North Dakota (not North Dakota STATE...)

Result: W, 38-0

Next Opponent: @ Central Arkansas

National Ranking: NR (FCS, received votes)


The Bears are hanging out JUST outside the FCS Top 25, and another win this week would likely push them through. This will be no gimmie, however, as Central Arkansas' 1-2 record is deceiving. Their two losses came to Texas Tech (42-35) and FCS #16 Montana State 43-33, and they received votes in the Top 25 poll. We do know's a good thing Tech didn't play Montana State.

UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio) Roadrunners

Record: 1-2 (Conf USA - West, 0-0)

Last Game: @ Oklahoma State

Result: L, 43-13

Next Opponent: Bye

National Ranking: NR


The Roadrunners will enjoy a well deserved week off after two consecutive weeks of Power 5 conference opponents, and losses. They open conference play against Florida Atlantic on 9/27.

Texas Tech Red Raiders

Record: 2-1 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: vs Arkansas

Result: L, 49-28

Next Opponent: Bye

National Ranking: NR


It's still early, but Kliff may need to circle the wagons. Crappy, mistake marred football finally cost the Red Raiders. The Hogs only threw 3 passes in the 2nd half while gouging the Tech D for over 400 yds rushing. They better use the bye week to figure that out because if they have to roll guys up to help with run defense, Daxx Garman will make what he did against UTSA look like a bunch of check down throws.

Iowa State Cyclones

Record: 1-2 (Big 12, 0-1)

Last Game: @ Iowa

Result: W, 20-17

Next Opponent: Bye

National Ranking: NR


Iowa State may have saved some hope for their season with a nice win over their in-state rival. That actually sounds better than saying they beat Iowa. Good thing they have a bye week to bask in the glow of a win, because the green Baptist horde is coming to Ames at 8pm Eastern on Fox on 9/27. Prime time with the Bears. Dress appropriately Cyclones, cuz your skivvies might get exposed on national TV.

Kansas Jayhawks

Record: 1-1 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: @ Duke

Result: L, 41-3

Next Opponent: vs Central Michigan

National Ranking: Let's see how low they can go...


Kansas found out they should stick to playing Duke in basketball. Things may not improve. Central Michigan's only loss was a 40-3 blowout at the hands of Syracuse, a basketball school that actually plays football (like Duke). The Chippewas previously beat Purdue on the road 38-17. The Boilermakers are a much better comp for the Jayhawks.


Record: 2-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: vs Minnesota

Result: W, 30-7

Next Opponent: Bye

National Ranking: NR (received votes)


Frogs dominate Gophers. Let Animal Planet dial that up. Sure, it's not a win over a cream puff, unfortunately I'm not sure how thick the line is between Minnesota and a cream puff. TCU will enjoy the bye week before traveling to SMU, who might be auditioning for the role of Kansas as the worst Big 12 football team.


Record: 2-1 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: @ Maryland

Result: W, 40-37

Next Opponent: vs Oklahoma

National Ranking: NR (received votes)


The 'Eers gave away a big lead in perfect "Dana" style, but a kicker who shall remain nameless saved their ass. For any West Virginia fans who think playing Bama tough is a good omen for this game, just watch the last Sugar Bowl. The Sooners might be the greatest team ever assembled. Stoops is a god (Bob, that is). The program is beyond reproach. Might as well mail it in. Trevor Knight makes Jameis Winston look like Aso Pogi.

(If you don't get the sarcasm in those comments, there is no hope for you.)

OU better show up with their equipment, and use it properly, or it could be a long trip back to Norman.


Record: 2-0 (Big 12, 1-0)

Last Game: Bye

Result: NA

Next Opponent: vs #5 Auburn

National Ranking: #20


Voters didn't like the way the Wildcats performed against "Bye," so they dropped a spot. That will be nothing compared to what happens after Auburn comes to town for some Thursday night action. Not even the Old Man's magic is gonna save the Little Apple from the carnage. But it is Bill Snyder, so I wouldn't be surprised if something completely weird takes place.


Record: 1-2 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: vs UCLA

Result: L, 20-17

Next Opponent: Bye

National Ranking: NR


Longhorns will use the bye week to work on coin toss strategy. It's not too old yet, right? Somebody needs to tell Tyrone Swoopes that bounce passes don't work in football. Next up? Charlie vs Charlie. UT will be on the road, but might have a good shot at a conference win in Lawrence. Notice I said "might." Of all the games that SHOULD be on LHN....


Result: 3-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: @ Buffalo

Result: W, 63-21

Next Opponent: Bye

National Ranking: 7/6 (AP/USA)


Another cupcake, another blowout. The Bears will sit back and enjoy the bye week before heading to Squinky's vacation home. Funny things have been known to happy there.


Record: 3-0 (Big 12, 0-0)

Last Game: vs Tennessee

Result: W, 34-10

Next Opponent: @ West Virginia

National Ranking: 4


The party is over. No more free rides. Time for real football. Morgantown is a tough enough place to play without giving Dana two weeks to prepare. Beware, OU.

Not much in the way of Big 12 football this weekend (and no Kansas doesn't count), but the games we have should be keepers. Watch CRFF for game times and channels for all the Big 12 action.