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Cowboys Ride for Free Player of the Game Results: UTSA

The results of our weekly Cowboys Ride for Free Player of the Game poll.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

After the game against UTSA we asked you who the Cowboys Ride for Free Player of the Game should be. After a couple of days voting, you all have voted for...

The Defense

The Cowboy defense held strong in their battle and ran the Roadrunners out of Stillwater, as well as taking home 81% of votes.

Cowboy quarterback Daxx Garman finished with 12% of votes and Desmond Roland received 6%.

I'll have to agree that the defense is what stood out the most, holding UTSA to 73 yards on the ground, 133 through the air, and only 13 points! They also had an interception at the end of the game that was returned for a touchdown.

But that's not to say I don't think the other two played well. In his first start, Daxx Garman threw for 315 yards, two ouchdowns, and zero interceptions. Even though he completed just over half of his passes, his deep ball had a strong presence all night.

Roland had a solid performance with 95 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

As usual, I asked a couple of media folks who their vote goes to.

Big thanks to these guys and if you would like to keep up with the Cowboys and other things happening around the Big 12, be sure to follow them on Twitter if you haven't already.

Jake Trotter at ESPN (@Jake_Trotter) went with the crowd and voted for the defense.

And as usual, David Ubben at Fox Sports (@davidubben) does not choose a nominee, but instead find his own player of the game, and it's an incredible pick.

It's safe to say that both Daxx Garman and J.W. Walsh had great ball movement on Saturday.

The Cowboys have a bye week this week, but be sure to swing by next Friday to vote for the Player of the Game after the Pokes take on Texas Tech!

Go Pokes!