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As Told By The Fans Special Edition: Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech 2013, By Red Raider Fans

It's a special edition of As Told By The Fans, and it's EPIC! The incredibly erratic and raw emotion inside a game thread is always a pot of entertainment gold, but the Red Raider fans brought it to a whole other level. Grab some popcorn, and enjoy!

John Weast

The Cowboys open up Big 12 play a week from today against Texas Tech in Stillwater. Last season the Pokes went down to Lubbock and sprung the upset in front of a record setting crowd.

Texas Tech entered the game ranked 15th in the country, and for the first time in a long time they were relevant. It all came crashing down though when Oklahoma State quickly jumped out to a 21 point lead. TTU found a way to battle back in the second quarter to make things interesting by halftime, but the third quarter put the Red Raiders down for good.

Why am I recapping the game though, when the Red Raider nation does it SOOOO much better. It's a special edition of As Told By The Fans! Game threads have more mood swings than a toddlers birthday party. Each fan's cheers and frustrations expressed without inhibitions is always something special, but the Texas Tech fans are a notch above, and it's hilarious!

Here are the best comments from Viva The Matadors.
(Remember, this is being told from a Red Raider fan point of view)


OSU wearing white uni's for their beatdown tonight.

They may come in white, but they will leave in red.

Hope somebody gets pictures

I found Mrs. Kingsbury.


Let's get this party started!!!


LET'S DO THIS!!! Wreck ‘EM!!!!!!!!!!

House is packed!


Not the greatest start.

If we had a QB that could hit a wide open player on a slant...


Punt coverage came to play.

Looks like our run D came ready to play. Pssht.

It's really good Chelf got the start. Walsh will give us fits.

Get the stop.

Crowd sounds rockin'.

Good stop.

Wreck OSU!!!

D came to play tonight.

Dana beat purple Baylor in OT.

Excellent, Welcome to the Big 12, Frogs.

Their DT's are beating our ass...

Those DT's are huge.

Would have been nice to have landed Castleman... He's super athletic for a big guy.


Another wasted possession.

D getting pushed around a bit.

Come on D get the stop.

Can't stop the run...


Screw it. Suit up Coach!!!

Phantom PI yet again.

I would say that wasn't a phantom call.

How about that... A very average QB can throw a TD.

Which makes Webb a less than average QB.


Well crap.

Let's see what adjustments have been made by HCKK. If he runs a draw play like the last one, i will burn my couch.

Webb keeps this s*** up, he's done this drive.

Ok, this is officially pathetic.

That's a fumble.

Damn it... Please let it be ruled down.

Where's Tanya Harding when you need her... or kneed her... get it? Get it?

Bring in Brewer.

My kids may learn some new words tonight.

Son of a b****.

Damn it.

Annnnnnnnnd we suck.

Let the second half of the season meltdown begin...

Well... that's one way to get the defense off the field.

Freshman got beat. Wow, got beat bad.

At this rate, we may be begging for 66-6 again.

We're just not that good.... despite expectations. A lot boils down to youth. I think.

Take the kid out.

Where the hell was that pass?????????????


Where are all the people who say Webb has great deep accuracy now???

Well, it LOOKS pretty as it travels to nobody

How much extra pressure does a Freshman QB feel when the defense looks like a wet tissue?

OSU is sitting on that play.

Davis "Lock-on" Webb.

O-Line held their blocks for what must be a record short time on that 3rd down.

Well gents, this sucks.

Can we please pull Webb?

Oh f**k.


S***ty punting Webb!

Wow. WTF is all I can say at this point.

Need OSU to have a turnover.

WOW what a s*** pile this is becoming.

We f**king suck. Meltdown starts now.

At least hold them to a FG...


Kliff Kingsbury did ask people to dress up. It looks like the Tech D came dressed as a Big League College Football Defense...

Well, it was a good honeymoon while it lasted...

What is it with OSU? They beat us like we are an FCS School.

Well, I am out. Not wasting anymore time on this s***. Different coach, same old meltdown and record. See ya next week.


^Are we watching different games? In your world are we not down 21-0?

We got 'em right where we want 'em.... Now let's talk about that ocean front property in AZ.

OSU will beat OU.

Agree, and Baylor will drill OU.

Already tuned this game off.

ENOUGH. Stop the negativity, they have had 2 breaks. Raider Power, get behind these boys.

Tech on the front page of ESPN, of course when we are doing bad.

Not a catchable ball thrown to Marquez...

MotherF'ing field goals.

This is just sad.

In what F'ING universe is it a good idea to have TWO QB keepers to Davis Webb in a drive?

How was that not PI?

I thought the timing was perfect by the CB. I want our guys to play like that.

Right now, I'd like to see someone post the loyal Raider fan from the game two years ago.

Half way to 6 points.

A field goal. Get the hell out of here.

Fortune favors the bold.

And a kick out of bounds. F**k my face.

I'm about sick of Webb too. We have Mayfield healthy so play him. Webb is s**ting the bed.

The D needs to step up. It's on them. Webb is not the one giving up 21 points in the 1st.

Let's go D!


Good stop, D!

Yes... We got a stop.

Alright, let's start rolling from here!!!

And a block.



TD and we're in it... FG and I break my TV.

Where is Ward?

Not one player looks shellshocked. Tough start, but lots of time. Let's go.


Touchdown Red Raiders!!!!!!

Sweet Mary that was beautiful.

Let's keep this momentum going. Wreck ‘Em!!!!!!

Go D! You can do it!

Damn it. Steward get your s**t together... No penalties.


Defense is horrible.


CB's need to look for the damn ball.

OSU doing what they want... on the ground and through the air.

Our secondary is horrible. Again. How many years recruiting does it take to fix a pathetic secondary? It's not like this is a new issue. Pathetic. I am disgusted. Being picked apart by a second tier QB.

We make struggling QB's look like Peyton F'ing Manning.

Pass coverage making Chelf look all world.

Stop them.

Great stop!!!

Kerry Hyder is an f-ing beast.

Way to hold back em Hyder!

PA pass on 4th and goal. Calling it now.

Don't go for it.

If OSU goes for it, 100% means they are afraid.

Agree... Smart play is the FG.

Gundy doesn't strike me as a "smart" man though.

^ That comes at 50.

No, I think it means they know they can deflate our momentum with a 1 yard score.


I called the PA pass.

Gonna be a long night. Refill of the Knob Creek coming up!


Their receivers are huge! Our coverage needs stilts.

^ Best receivers money can buy.

^ Not to nick pit, but probably more like best receivers that sex can buy...

We play best in the third quarter. Can't get here fast enough!


This is bad.

Glad they blew that dead... was going to be a sack.

1st and 10 ... Keep um coming.

Running some clock here...need to end with a TD.

Lucky lucky lucky lucky save.

Don't run that again.

Amaro with 112 yards already.

Is Amaro going to win this alone??

Not if Webb has anything to say about it...

Literally the worst throw ever.

Yeah, give the ball away.

Another fumble.

Dang it!!!!!!

A new QB please.

We almost made another score ..... But no we throw a pick.


Mayfield for the love of god.

I'm sick and tired of this s***!

The D got a short breather at least.

Need a turnover from OSU.... Need to cause an interception.

Pick freaking 6 baby!

OSU will now make a QB change.

Yes!!!! Pete saves the day!

Holy s***!

11 Point game!

Yes.... Hope this is the start of a new ball game.

Come on D ... Hold here.

Really hope they leave Chelf in now. Walsh can gash us with his legs.

Finally a PI called.

They're selling out on the run... not respecting Webb's pass.

That should have been picked.

Jakeem Grant is my favorite player.

Clutch Grant!


Oh my god, ball is going our way.

Pretty decent throw from Webb there.

Stadium is LOUD.

Get in that Goddamn Endzone! Now go for two!


We have a game!!!!!

TD Williams!!


Power run! Shove it down their necks!

Let's get a three and out. Then take the momentum into halftime. And get jacked up.

Still need a stop!

Come on D.... Stop them here.

That is what I am talking about.

Plenty of time for a Leach-esque field goal

Let's go score.

Fortune Favors The Bold!

41 seconds...

Sheesh! Did they not work on minute drills this week?

He even overthrows the Hail Mary.

You need 40 yards, not 70.

Well worth a try.

That was a crazy ass half of football!

Yes it was... I wonder what the average life expectancy of Raider fans is... it's gotta be 15 years less than the national average with all these fucking nail biters.

What a game! I've stress eaten half of my kiddos Halloween candy!

HALFTIME (Oklahoma State 28 - Texas Tech 24)

Let's get this second half started. I BELIEVE!!!!!

Giving them way too much room on those passes.

Nice play Bruce Jones!

HUGE play!

Back on O, also known as heart attack mode.

Defense woke up and is looking much better.

Bad pass.

Knew it. Come on special teams.


That was a s***** punt!

Holy s*** special teams.

Here we go again.

Gotta get the stop... FG and it's still a one score game

Great stop!

Bet they go for it again.


We gave up 7 yards on the OSU first down... they had 3 plays to get 3 yards.

We can't just keep fucking giving them points and expect to win...aarrgghh!

Punt return hurt.

That was pointless.


Trick play.


It was probably the receiver's fault that the LB was standing right where Webb threw it.

And now we suck again.

Kliff is getting frustrated.

He's not alone.

We needed to score.

Webb sucks. Seriously, he's not very good.

Can't keep putting the D on field with back against the goal line.

Should have picked it.

Sack..... Yes!!!!!

Welp! That's ball game.

Are you f***ing serious? Amazing...

OMG!!!!!! What just happened?

F*** my life. That was the dagger to the heart. How do we not have a spy on the QB? it time to start the 2nd half.

67 yards to Clint f****** Chelf!

This is terrible.

That, Davis Webb, is how you fucking run the ball as a QB. Get your head out of your ass and get to work.

Yeah. It's easy to run when nobody touches you.

K...I'm disconnecting myself from this game emotionally... As a protective mechanism.

Why is Webb still out there? WTF Kliff?


Sit the f*** down Webb.


Great throw... if your receiver is wearing white.

Ok surely that's his last straw.

What is there to review? That's clearly and INT.

Only B12 official would review this.

F***. IT. ALL.


Gotta hold them to a FG here.


Damn... He needed to take that to the house!

If the defense doesn't score, we don't score.

Ok Tech do something on this possession..... SCORE!!!!!

That was a touchdown!


Go for two?

Keep criticizing the playcalling... just keep doing it... it's funny.

Alright D here we go!

Doesn't mean s*** if we can't stop them.

6 f'ing guys missed that tackle. What the f***, are we playing YMCA touch now?

Why are they even throwing the ball? We can't stop the run.

MUST stop OSU here!

You know what would be awesome? If USC hired Gundy.

Left too many points on the field and let the D get gassed. Going to be ugly.

Touchdown why, because the defense is exhausted.

Jesus, no D on that drive.

The D is gassed.


Wow... Amaro should be out cold!

Amaro concussion.

Eject that f***er.

Bad call. He was standing still and Amaro fell into him.

Bad call. Just a good hit... Amaro was going down awkwardly.

Dirty play by defender.

Helmet to helmet, but not targeting.

He was stopped. Amaro ran into him.

Really hope the ejection stands... that safety is a good player.

Good reversal, and they need to change the rule.

The defender purposely stood there so Amaro would get knocked out.

Another overthrow.

Go figure, a Webb overthrow.

Holy crap! Coach van Malone coaches for OSU... He recruited me to Tulsa in high school. GREAT secondary coach. Very intense guy who knows how to motivate players. Took an official visit there.

Are you F'ing KIDDING me?!?

Score... Please!!!

WTF was that "protection"?

Bad Call.


F YOU Big XII refs!!!!!! (I F'ing HATE this conference)

Worst officials in the entire FBS... hooray for the Big XII.

FG was a play for the tie.....2 TD's and a 2PC.

I don't think the defense has enough energy to stop them two more times.

Evidently KK does.

I don't know if I have the energy to watch them try.

Good lord.


We keep missing tackles.

Hahahaha...a short kickoff to...who...their best f'ing running back! AARRGGHHH!

13 yards on first down. Is ok. Don't happy!

Followed by 8 more.

Josh Stewart is eating our lunch.

Why the short kickoff... seriously????????

We are trying to get the ball back quicker after they score.

I can't watch.

Can't stop them.

We need a 21 point touchdown!!!

Will OSU hit 60-something again?

Welcome back to reality.

Well we stopped them... For a FG. Improvement. Now offense get out there and get those three points back!

Down 21 to Xerox at home is absolutely pathetic.

The thing I hate most is that a program like Okie St has owned us, and I mean OWNED us, for the last five years.


Let's just f'ing give up!?!?!?

Really don't want to watch this game anymore.

I'm sure the Lubbock press will ask the hard questions.

^ "Can you talk about the fan attendance? There was a new stadium record set."

^ Will we see another Swag Article??

Throwing in the towel.

I hate everything and everyone right now.

Is it time to take our rightful place just ahead of ISU and KU..?

Appears so... Sure am glad we are already bowl eligible though.

1 close loss and 1 terrible loss and people are already throwing the towel in claiming the season is lost. WTF is wrong with you people?

^ We're watching the game

Hey the stadium is emptying in a very familiar way...

Record crowd saw this disaster. So did a bunch of high profile recruits.

My god our line sucks.

Can't run the ball two yards.

Screw this.

That last play says it all. Good night!

Really!?!?!?!? WTF!!! 4th and LOOOOOSSSSER!!!!!

Pretenders. Once again 2013.

I think we all bought in to the hype. Now we are back down to reality, a 7-5 season is absolutely within reason.


FINAL (Oklahoma State 52 - Texas Tech 34 )

I have to hand it to the Texas Tech fans, they're a hearty bunch. As Oklahoma State fans we know heartbreak all too well. I look forward to interacting with them this week.