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CRFF Roundtable Week 4: Oklahoma State Bye Week

The bye week blues are upon us, some members of our team try to shake them off with a dosage of insight.

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This weeks Roundtable is a little different than the past couple. Instead of posing questions to our team, I opened a thread of sorts and we just went where the conversation took us. This week we talked about this weeks games and of course OSU's offensive struggles.

ME - "I felt like every pass play was a jump ball and maybe more importantly Daxx was staring down receivers. The last offensive series however was very impressive it had shades of the 2011 team with quick bubble screens and big chunks of yardage. Was this a one time thing, or the real offense that Gundy/Yurcich didn't want to show off yet?"

TAYLOR YORK - "After hearing Gundy speak after the game it became very obvious to me that this was an open practice - just a scrimmage between two schools. If he thought UTSA were a Big 12 caliber team before the game he sure didn't after halftime.  He ran it up the middle over and over just to punish the O Line just as someone would rub a dogs nose into it's own mess and say "SEE WHAT YOU DID? SEEEE?"  If he felt that way about the run game, why would he treat the passing game any different? After all, headed into halftime Gundy said Daxx was "Very Average."  I definitely think Gundy and Yurcich were holding back on the playbook in all areas."

"I do just want to throw this out there though - all of this #FireYurcich hate needs to be split evenly between Yurcich AND Gundy.  Gundy definitely seems to be in on the in-game play calling and offensive game plans. Do you all agree?"

ME - "I've said this and I'll say it again. If anybody wants Gundy gone they are insane. Gundy completely turned this program around and I know he's struggled with OU but I think the pros WAY outweigh the cons."

CHRIS ROSS - "If anyone is calling for Mike Gundy's head, they need to calm down. If OSU isn't meeting the bar, it's because of where Mike Gundy set it. The play calling was vanilla, but the game was in hand. It appeared to me that the coaching staff was getting guys, specifically the o-line, reps doing certain things more than calling plays based off game situations.  It's not fun to watch. You would like to see more balance, even if it is vanilla. Gundy has to prepare the team for the long haul though, and if we've learned anything over the last few years, its that we should trust Coach Gundy."

STEVE DODSON - "I think the UTSA corners were slow and undersized compared to our receivers - creating a favorable matchup in single coverage that the coaches entered the game expecting to exploit. The UTSA defensive line was the strength of the defense and probably would rank middle-of-the-pack in the Big 12. The pre-game expectations regarding downfield single-coverage opportunities, combined with Daxx's inexperience, likely contributed more to the perception of "every play a jump ball" than Yurcich actually called for. The multiple 3-and-outs stemming from runs up the middle were, my opinion, just as Taylor said. Gundy knew the game was in hand (UTSA's offense was not very good) and he wanted his OL to get a nasty streak. They didn't, and drive after drive stalled as a result. The fans seemed to have more respect for this UTSA team than did the coaches. I don't think Yurcich was even remotely the problem in the offensive struggles against UTSA."

GERALD TRACY - "I think that the offense is doing what it always has done the past year, wait till the second or third quarter to get rolling. Since Yurcich has come here I have always felt like his offense stutters a little bit in the beginning. However, a new line coach can also be hindering the play of the line more than we may know and therefore affecting the play calling."

"I also would like to note that it almost seemed like Daxx was TRYING to show off his arm. I do the same thing in intramural sports, but that's because it doesn't really matter. I know he has the arm power to get the ball in small windows, I would really like to see more inside routes and drives like the last one instead of three straight fade routes and a post. Tyreek needs to get more involved, and if Daxx is going to continue to throw the ball deep, the defense should be spread and therefore opening more holes for Tyreek. The offense has tons of potential so I don't know what's going on but it needs to be tapped into, in my opinion."

EVAN JONES -  "Saturday's game was another lackluster experience.  We took care of business, which is the most important thing, but on the offensive side of the ball, I didn't walk away with any excitement.  Yes, Daxx can throw the ball a long ways, but his accuracy is an issue.  There were several plays that were incompletions and drops because of his ball placement, one of which was in the end zone...  (I also think the sun played a role in the first quarter of the game... It looked brutal).  I was also disappointed in Tyreek's opportunities.  Tyreek is going to be the best in space, not up the middle or a quick swing pass.  Take a look at the Colts Eagles game from Monday.  Darren Sprolles was a force in that game, and it was because they got him the ball in space.  He isn't a mash it up the middle, beat everyone around the end guy, but when you get him with 5 yards around him, he's a dangerous weapon.  That is what OSU has to do with Hill.  I will say that there is a possibility that they haven't really opened up the playbook with Tyreek yet."

To recap, lots of opinions here. It is acknowledged that the offense is not we're used to, but most people think it has more to do with the opponent and situation than play calling. The offensive line is an issue that is a little haunting. Tyreek needs to get the ball more as well.

I then posed the question seeing as OSU is off what games are people looking forward to and why?


Derek, Gerald, Gunter, and Chris all voted for this game.

DEREK HATRIDGE - "So much couch burning potential. All the furniture stores should stock up."

CHRIS ROSS - "There is so much hype on the Mountaineers knocking off the Sooners, that I doubt it happens. The sharp money continues to come in on WVU's side though, so it's something to watch. Heck, at the very least I'm calling around on Sunday trying to find a great deal on a sectional."


Yes, it got a vote, but the logic is sound.

GRAHAM COFFELT - "Because I'll be there."

Good for you Graham, I'm sure you're the only one interested in that game.


Evan said he was looking forward to tonight's matchup, and Chris agreed.

EVAN JONES -  "I think it's going to be a fist fight, especially in Bill's Family Stadium.  It's a huge opportunity for the Big 12 to make a statement against the SEC and should be a lot of fun to watch!"

Robert Whetsell's answer was short, sweet and to the point, "All of them".

That's all we have for this weeks roundtable. Let's hear your thoughts about the offense and what games you are looking forward to this weekend! Go Pokes!