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AP Poll & Sagarin Top 25 Polls Announced

The New AP, and Sagarin polls came out today. Craziness ensues into week 2 as the Auburn Tigers cracked the Top 5 in the AP, but barely made the top 10 in the Sagarin. How did the Oklahoma State Cowboys fair?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State remains atop the AP Poll after struggling to beat un-ranked Oklahoma State 37-31. Even though the Cowboys lost the game most fans agreed that the Cowboys sure looked like a Top 25 team. It's difficult to move up the polls following a loss though, but the Cowboys did gain some ground. The Pokes were voted the second best team off the AP list.

Things get really crazy with the Sagarin Poll. Oklahoma State started the season 5th, and while that seemed crazy going in, after the way the Pokes performed in Arlington, maybe it wasn't too far off. Jeff Sagarin's rating system wasn't impressed though, and the Cowboys dropped like a rock to #23 in the poll.

I went ahead and included the Amway Coaches Poll in the table as well so you can see them all side by side.

AP Coaches Sagarin
1 Florida State (46) Florida State (57) Oregon
2 Alabama (1) Alabama Alabama
3 Oregon (5) Oklahoma (2) Oklahoma
4 Oklahoma (2) Oregon (2) Florida State
5 Auburn Auburn Texas A&M
6 Georgia (2) Michigan State Georgia
7 Michigan State Ohio State Stanford
8 Ohio State Georgia (1) Baylor
9 Texas A&M (2) Baylor Auburn
10 Baylor Stanford Michigan State
12 LSU (1) LSU Ohio State
13 Stanford Texas A&M LSU
15 Ole Miss Notre Dame Notre Dame
16 Notre Dame Arizona State Wisconsin
17 Arizona State Ole Miss Florida
18 Wisconsin Nebraska Kansas State
19 Nebraska Wisconsin South Carolina
20 Kansas State Kansas State Clemson
21 South Carolina South Carolina Ole Miss
22 North Carolina Missouri Washington
23 Clemson North Carolina Oklahoma State
24 Missouri Clemson Texas
25 Louisville Texas Arizona State