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After 60% of the conference took a powder, I had a hard time coming up with much to say. Luckily for us, King found plenty to discuss.

Justin K. Aller


1. Oklahoma

Well, well, well...the Sooners might actually have a football team. Trevor Knight was not all that, but the running game led by a true freshman was actually pretty impressive. The defense can be scored upon, unfortunately that will likely be the best offense they see outside of Baylor and OSU.

2. Baylor

The parade of cream puffs continues, as the Bears travel to Ames following the bye week. This will likely be rated "R" for violence.

3. Kansas State

This ranking will fluctuate as they play at home and on the road. Auburn found out the Snyder's magic is strong in Manhattan, but not strong enough to overcome turnovers.

4. Oklahoma State

These guys could be dangerous if Gundy every takes off the training wheels on the offense.

5. TCU

Will get SMU as a post bye week tune up for the marquee event...OU on 10/4.

6. West Virginia

Honestly, 3-4-5-6 could all be interchangeable, but you lost to OU. That's unacceptable.


Until they start beating each other (or one of the above), UT, Tech, Iowa St, and KU are one big happy pile of crappy football.


1. Oklahoma

A quality win over a good team, on the road. Also thanks to the win many a West Virginia couch was spared Saturday night.

2. Baylor

Time to sing a funeral hymm for the Clones.

3. Texas Christian

I wonder what it's like to put down a bong and remember you're undefeated.

4. Oklahoma State

Perhaps we put too much stock in not losing to FSU by much (perhaps, just perhaps, we shouldn't ever feel good about almost winning.) They should have lost to Clemson, but Clemson gonna Clemson.

5. Kansas State

A good game against a good team, and you still lost. I believe this was billed as their biggest home game ever, on Thursday, and they managed to self destruct to the point that Snyder accused the Tigers of stealing signals. If Auburn deciphered what a poster with pictures of a crab, a tree, David Hasselhoff, and a Camaro means then the NSA should come and hire the entire coaching staff.

6. West Virginia

Country roads, take me home, to the place, where couches burn, west Virginia, meth'd out mamma, take me home, country roads.

7. Kansas

Jayhawks all the way up to the 58th percentile????

8. Iowa State

Lose by less than 14 and I'm moving you all the way to 3rd next week. Win, and I promise to create a new SBN account every day and troll BHGP every day until they ban my new account, and then repeat every day for one entire year. I make this promise to you, Cyclones.

9. Texas

A good chance to right the ship this weekend, but if you lose, Longhorns, the universe as we know it will cease to exist, it will be consumed by the unyielding density of the gravity pulsar known as Charlie Weis.

10. Texas Tech

We better win Thursday. That is all.