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CRFF Staff Predictions Week 6

The staff gets together to talk about what they think will happen this Thursday night in Stillwater.

The era of Daxx seems to be officially underway with Walsh out for the foreseeable future and it really kicks off with this Thursday nights matchup against the hated Texas Tech.

With the over/under being set early at 71.5 in most cases and the spread around 13.5, here's what the staff thinks will happen.

Nick Lozanovski - "OSU 48 TTU 14 This is the game where the transition from a J.W. type offense (run run run) to a Weeden type offense (Balance/Down field throws) gets completed."

Robert Whetsell - "42-28 OSU. A late TD puts this away, as Thursday night makes for crazy football."

Cory Treece - "34-24. We all know how close Thursday night conference games in Stillwater tend to be."

Nick Tyler - "OSU 42 TTU 17. The defense once again looks impressive. The offense struggles early but after a shaky start the run game comes up big."

Evan Jones - "The Cowboys will crush the Fighting Goslings 52-17. Tech's D is horrendous, they're reeling while just firing their D coordinator and are having to role in to Stillwater at night. Hill, Roland, and Childs will all have big nights, second only to the amount of sacks our D line create while Tech is trying to play catch up by hucking the ball down field.

The real question is how long will coach GQ wear his sunglasses after the sun goes down?"

Gerald Tracy - "66-14. This Tech team has struggled early with the likes of Arkansas, UTEP and Central Arkansas, three teams that went a combined 11-24 last year. They can't stop the run, and guess what, that's about the only thing the Cowboys can really do confidently, at least that's how it looks at times. Cowboys come out running with their heads down and Yurcich finally comes out of his shell at half (per usual). Tyreek get's his first touchdown and Daxx throws for 350."

Dekota Gregory - "OSU- 38, Tech- 24. The Cowboys' running game will have a hay day against Tech's awful running defense. This will also open up more opportunities for Garman later in the game."

Derek Hatridge - "43-27 Cowboys. The game will be closer than the final score lets on, because Thursday nights in Stillwater seem to bring out the weirdest games with the wildest crowd. Tyreek Hill will finally meet the end zone and Poke fans will erupt. Should be a fun game."

Chris Ross - "Oklahoma State 45 - Texas Tech 24. This game has proven difficult to predict the score, but here's a formula I've found to be pretty accurate the last few years. First, make an educated guess on what you think the final score will be.  Then take all the points you think Tech is going to score and give half of them to OSU, and then add 50 more points to the Cowboys' side. My score prediction should probably be 107 - 12, but against my better judgement, I'll give the Red Raiders the benefit of the doubt one more year."

Josh Poteet - "OSU 38 - Taco Tech 30 Neither defense shows up but because both offenses just really aren't that good it's a relatively low scoring game considering the two teams playing. Thursday nights are crazy, I may end up coaching Tech's defense by the 3rd quarter. Seriously though, Tech is mediocre at best, we are slightly better. OSU keeps it a two score game until a late score from Tech. "

Gunter Sharp - "48-24 OSU. The Freek will finally make up for not scoring in the first 3 games because he'll score 4 Thursday - 1 rec, 2 rush, and 1 return. Three Daxx touchdowns and continues the no interceptions trend. TTU scores two of its touchdowns in the 4th."