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CRFF Roundtable Week 5: Texas Tech

This week our team of writers takes a look at the Cowboys as they prepare for Texas Tech.

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In this weeks roundtable our staff was worried about the craziness that is Thursday night games in Stillwater. We also debated very important matters including better hair Mike Gundy or Kliff Kingsberry. Also, where does the Cowboys WR core rank among the rest of the Big 12.

ME - "I'll start out by saying that I think there is a sort of worried feeling about the game this week but I think we win pretty convincingly."

DEREK HATRIDGE - "Thursday night games in Stillwater are like entering the Twilight Zone. I still think the Pokes will win, but it'll be a raucous battle. But after watching Tech's last game, Tyreek Hill should be salivating for a chance at that defense."

CORY TREECE - "...assuming Yurcich calls the right plays for him..."

DEREK HATRIDGE - "Well, yeah..... But we all know what assuming does....."

ROBERT WHETSELL - "Anything other than Saturday football results in goofy shit, which is why college football should only be played on Saturday."

EVAN JONES - "I'm not worried about this game... And I'm a skeptic. I saw someone say earlier we are a notch above mediocre... I don't think that could be further from the truth. We have the fastest guy in college football, a dominant defensive line, and a receiver core that any D1 team would love to have. We aren't world beaters but I think we are far from mediocre. You know who isn't far from it? Tech. I'm telling you, we are going to destroy them."

JOSH POTEET - "I'm not sold on any of our WR's. They drop balls like a peewee football team. I'd take 6 other Big 12 WR groups before ours. Only player I buy on offense is Hill."

EVAN JONES - "You're basing that on what... UTSA?  The first quarter the sun was directly in our receivers eyes.  I don't know if you were at the game or watching on TV, but they showed what the receivers were looking at when trying to track the ball... It was blinding.  Lastly, the 1's spent the entire offseason running with JW Walsh, who doesn't throw the ball with any resemblance of Garman.  It should also be mentioned that two of the dropped passes in the end zone were on balls that were quite a bit off target.  It is no secret that Daxx isn't the most accurate passer, most of which are thrown behind.

Our team is in the top 20 in passing yards per completion, averaging 15.23 yards (with less games than a lot of the others, I might add). David Glidden, Jhajuan Seales, Brandon Sheperd, and Marcell Ateman are all averaging over 15 yards per completion and all but Ateman have over 100 yards receiving on less than 10 plays. None of that takes into account numbers from last season, with a QB they were comfortable with. Ateman, Seales, and Sheperd who all had great numbers last season, especially Seales with 571 yards receiving and 14.6 yards per reception, while sharing the field with Tracy Moore.

Also, you're saying you would take 6 other teams wide receivers over ours... That would be who? Probably not KU, TCU or ISU... So You'll take TCU, KSU, Texas, Texas Tech, OU, Baylor, and WVU? I just don't see it... Maybe Shep from OU, White from WVU, Lockett from KSU, and who else? Maybe someone from Baylor, but they've only played St. Mary's School for the Blind, so we will see. I Don't see any group of receivers on Texas, Tech, TCU, or KSU that I would rather have."

GERALD TRACY - "I still don't know about Lockett. He is good, but I don't know how many OSU receivers let a ball bounce off their chest in the end zone..."

PARKER SCHULTZ - "Well, good thing out receivers haven't had problems with drops... But seriously, he would probably be our best receiver this year."

EVAN JONES - "I wouldn't trade a 5'10 170 pound Lockett for either 6'2 200 pound Seales or Sheperd."

GERALD TRACY - "I'd take a high Justin Blackmon.... lol jk. But really, I like this team. I think the young talent will shine during conference play, but we will be much better next two years."

PARKER SCHULTZ - "Lockett is legit."

STEVE DODSON - "I've agreed with Evan to this point, but I would. Lockett is the best WR in the Big 12. Sure, other receivers from WVU, BU, TCU and OU would be good arguments, but Lockett is a known commodity who changes defensive game plans. Much like Blackmon once did, only in different ways. That said, our WR group may be the deepest in the Big 12 (BU?) - despite lacking a true star (yet)."

EVAN JONES - "I guess I haven't watched him enough... I wasn't super impressed with him in the Auburn game, which is the only one I've watched this year, and last year against us, I don't think he went for over 10 yards (Granted he probably had Gilbert on him). I thought he was more of an all around threat, kick and punt returning, receiving etc..."

GERALD TRACY - "When I've watched him (limited) he doesn't get monster yards, but that's largely because teams put a lot of timing and planning into making sure he stays as grounded as possible. But I've heard nothing but amazing things about him."

ME -  I think OSU's WR core is 2nd in the Big 12. Baylor's wide receivers are insane but the mass of talent that we have at that position outnumbers everyone but Baylor. I think Lockett is the best wide receiver in the Big 12. It's unfair to judge Lockett on his drop last week. It's like basing Justin Blackmon on this one play. How can you not like Gundy's hair? I'm pretty sure it's impossible.

ME - "Better hair: Gundy or Kliff?"

JOSH POTEET - "Kliff. My girlfriend is only going to the game to see 'that hot Texas Tech coach guy' ..."

DEKOTA GERGORY - "I'll give it to Gundy. Kliff's will be messed up after scratching his head all night trying to figure out how to stop Hill."


DEREK HATRIDGE - "Oooh, tough question. I'd have to go with Kliff. That hair in the Lubbock wind? You know the ladies are going insane."

EVAN JONES - "Gundy hair is iconic... Not good."

ROBERT WHETSELL - "Nobody does hair like Gundy. Kliff's is so 'Gosling.'"

That will do it for this weeks roundtable. We'll be back next week after the battle of the hairstyles. What are your thoughts on the topics we covered? Go Pokes! #WreckTacoTech