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OKLAHOMA STATE FOOTBALL GAMETHREAD: Tortillas and Tacos for Everyone!

Fortunately we are not in Lubbock, or it could be an unwanted infection to boot.

This is where the rubber meets the road for the Cowboys (no, I'm not trying to slide into a Tech/Lubbock joke with that).

It's time for the training wheels to come off, time for Gundy's program to make a statement about reloading. Time for Tyreek Hill to show off that speed we've barely seen glimpses of.

Time to see if Daxx can run the offense. Time for a true test of a young secondary that will be facing a "pass first" offense.

OSU has a chance to keep the ball rolling the way we had hoped, expectedly dropping the opener to FSU, but now facing a schedule that gives them a chance to reach 5-1 before what looks to be an absolutely brutal back half of the regular season. The playbook better be WIDE open when they head to TCU on 10/18, and now is the time to start that process.

With the exception of OU and West Virginia, the rest of the Big 12 is in action:

Day Home Away Time Channel
Kansas State vs UTEP 11:00 AM FSN
Kansas vs Texas 3:00 PM FS1
Iowa State vs Baylor 7:00 PM FOX

Other than the fact that the Big 12 schedule sort of takes us through the day, there are many great games. Be sure to check out the full slate of games here.

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