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#CRFFBoldPredictions: Oklahoma State vs Texas Tech

After a long bye week, #CRFFBoldPredictions are ready to roll!

Gundy to Kingsbury: "You mad BRO?"
Gundy to Kingsbury: "You mad BRO?"
Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

It's a Thursday night game.  More importantly, it's not a Saturday game.  Ever since 2011, we don't like those. (I know... I just committed a heinous crime bringing that up).  

Silver lining.  We are playing Klingsbury and the Fighting Goslings.

Gundy has had this teams number his entire career... Remember that 60 point smashing? Yeah, everyone does.

Here's to having some faith Gundy will continue his dominance at the helm of his Alma Mater as a former QB, playing another coach who is at the helm of his Alma Mater as a former QB.

See... Thursday games are crazy.

Who needs to start of slow? This is major.

(Note. I love Weeden.  I think he was in a tough spot in Cleveland.  But this gif is awesome...)

No... You're right... It's officially bold.

I hope this is a return... Love returns.

Giant sleeves and all.

I don't really like putting my own tweets on here... But I just wanted it to be out there incase it really happens.

Love this one. I fully agree.


Every Monday morning when my alarm rings (Office Dwight scream)

Truly Bold sir. Truly Bold.

Consistency... I like it.

Being a short week, the #CRFFBoldPredictions weren't in full force... So I will leave you with some of my favorite Tech Tweets from the interwebs.

Literally laughed out loud. In my office. At work.

Coach slap.


This is Tech in a gif.

What was he doing here?? Just drawn to the camera?

HA.  Wide Right and Natty Lite coming through like always!

Texas Tech's QB wasn't particularly interested in stopping this pick-six:

And last, but absolutely not least, is everyone's favorite... Landry from Friday Night Lights!!!

There you have it.  Another week in the books. It's gameday, so professors don't care if you skip class, but your boss does!